The 24Hour Couple Prayer Formula

The 24Hour Couple Prayer Formula

She opened the door and said ; “Sweet Heart! I have been approached by more than 3 people who said someone has use charm to touch our baby and that’s why he’s malnourished” and reduce to skeleton. My reply to My wife was simple, anyone who touch our child by mistake will die by the correction.we serve a God that killeth and the same God maketh alive. We held hands and prayed.

To the glory of God, our son recovered and was delivered from the hands of death.praying with my wife has been the most potent type of prayers I have ever prayed in my life and since I discover that, anything I pray about in faith with my wife, we get speedy result. I encourage couples to learn to use this powerful mystery. The Bible talking about the mystery of marriage says; “two are better than one”.

How Should You Go About This Type of prayers?

1) You and your spouse must be United
.your prayers will not pass the ceiling if you are not United. A woman once called me and said her husband was arrested by EFCC and has been in prison for over a year on an investment scheme they ran that failed, running to over 112million. And that the investor had gotten her capital back but using her connections to keep her husband in prison. I prayed a prayer of mercy with her and also asked her to pray with her husband one way or the order in unity. Few weeks after, the Judge without them being in court asked them to release her husband and asked the accuser to pay him millions for damages.She visited me in the office with her husband after he was released. We serve a prayer answering God.

2) Pray with scriptures that establish your right on that subject matter.

3) Pray the prayer of enquiries. Many people pray but don’t pray a prayer of enquiry; ” What must I do to access this blessing”? What is the perfect will of God on this matter etc?. Prayer is dialogue and not monologue. Learn to ask God questions about your own responsibility for God to answer you.

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Happy Lovers Day. To all the singles out there,Love responsibly! To the married , Don’t love responsibly,love in excess. I pray for every troubled home,Peace be still. Every mature single will be married this year and everyone called barren will deliver their baby in 9 months time in Jesus’ name.Happy Valentine!

Stephen Akintayo

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