3 Aspects of Life You need to Learn Anew

How much of Life do you really know? Let’s see shortly through this three aspects of life that I will discuss shortly.

To me, life though seems beautiful is so fixed and encompassed with its own complications, incomprehensible happenings, and some impossibilities on its own. We tend to access any problem that comes our way with ease, but there are some issues that go beyond our comprehension; no matter how hard one try, one can’t just understand the complexity of such issues.

The reason is simple. It’s not about intelligence or bravery, it’s simply because we are not yet to reach the stage of such enormous situation of life. Do you want to know about the lessons? Then, stop being curious…

Now, tell me! How old are you? 18, 22, 25, 28, 31?

Let me make a quick guess through the paragraph below:

You age is like a wrapped gift among many other wrapped gifts. No matter how big the size, the worth can only be known when you open it up. I have seen a 40-year-old behaved like a teenager as I have seen a teenager with the character of an elderly person.

Age is all about values. It’s all about maturity. It’s all about responsibility. It’s all about how learned and experienced about life dealings you have been. And it’s more than those numbers you celebrate every year!

Now, unwrap yourself and tell me your age and then follow this post as though you are thirty or more. Are you now looking like 2, 5, 15, 42, 60 or 80? Smiles.

If you want to know how it feels like to be matured, and how your perspective about life will suddenly change beyond the normal when you attain the level of maturity that’s just undisputed, you need to read on.

1. Forgiveness

I’ve watched as the numbers rose. I have seen as hearts are being broken. Loyalty is being betrayed and it’s alarming how our loved ones joined the list of those that did hurt us the most.

Lied against, rejected, dejected, humiliated, let-down, disgraced? Those put together are a little of what an average person passes through. Worst still, those who have given us much of pains are those we’ve trusted our hearts with.

I have been there, and I sure you have as well.

But, what do you understand by forgiveness? Or what do you know about being loved? In my own non-religious meaning, it’s the act of waiving and pardoning any negative feeling or desire for punishment.

Well, let me shock you:

As long as you see the one who’s wronged you and still have that tingeing feelings for them, you haven’t forgiven the person.
Forgiveness goes beyond what you verbalize. Forgiveness is action-packed. And until you can look at the person and still be able to smile and relate like it used to be, you haven’t forgiven them.

Strange? That’s the truth.

Without a dose of forgiveness, there can’t a measure of love.

According to the Mayo Clinic, forgiveness comes with many health benefits that include boosted relationships, minimized anxiety and stress, lower blood pressure, and stronger immune and heart health. All these alone? Yes!

Letting go of negative emotions can often have a remarkable impact on your body. To forgive and forget is the key to moving on in life and you will understand better when you are mature enough to pay no attention to whoever would offend you but focus on being a real man (or woman).

Sometimes human beings worry about the inevitable and find it hard to accept the common fact that new life just begins the moment you reach maturity, and the aforementioned points must be enough to prove me right.

Do you want to move on in life? Then, you need to learn the act of forgiveness.


What about Love?

My heart pants. My body aches. My soul wanders and my spirit seeks a way to be out of its agelong grief. I watch as the embers of love die out from millions of hearts and couldn’t help but sigh at the thought of this menace.

As you become get matured, you often realize that one of the best gifts of life is loving one another. When we are immature and inexperienced, we often tend to live a self-seeking life without any spark of selflessness in us. Maturity is the key out of such limited life!

To love is more than the sensual feelings you have for someone you are attracted to. It’s more than what you feel as a result of an act of benevolence that’s shown towards you.

Love is purely sacrificial! And until you can begin to love without actually expecting a commensurate return, you haven’t started to love.

To crown it all, the love of our neighbor is the source of joy to the world, no matter what your religion preaches.

When you must have grown up, you will understand that love is one of the greatest blessings God has bestowed on humanity. Should I talk more?

Well, love is all that you can get when you choose to give all you have.

3. Responsibility

When I look into the world we live in these days, I just can’t help but shake my head. As you are expected to know, the reason is not far-fetched.

We all are watching and waiting for change, as the higher percentage of the Nation are waiting for the government to fix everything. We want the government to help fix out nagging spouse and even our wayward children.

We blame every mosquito bite on the government. Worst still, our charity no longer begin at home.

This is a world of untold ignorance on its own.

I had thought, if only we could all embrace a call for change and take up the charge to be dutiful, the milk and honey we once had in our nation would return in no time.

No matter how old you grow, you are as little as an ant if you would not embrace responsibility. Gbam!

There is no job, no social amenities, and no good roads? Those are facts that can be changed for the better with your thrust of responsibility.

One funny thing about this situation is the fact that your heart will always tell you what to do right, even if you choose to do the wrong stuff!

Here is my own understanding of responsibility. (Don’t mind me, please)

As I began to grow, I started seeing my understanding of responsibility changing from it being caring for the other person or doing your quota at any given time, to being ‘time and money.’

I didn’t realize this until I came out of the walls of my University. Back then, I used to think that the working class brothers and uncles should have enough to spend on me each time I asked. Hey, I was always disappointed.

And when the same coin of expectation is thrown at me, I just laugh and say, ‘You will soon understand’. It’s simple: no matter how much you give, you can’t just give enough.

Forgiveness, Love, and Responsibility? I just wish we all would learn this anew and see how the change we all seek happen before long.

Do you love this, and you have gained anything? Drop a comment below. Don’t forget to share it also. Thanks so much for your time.

Written by:
Ayo Akham


  1. If only our hearts would be shifted away from the frivolities of life and embrace life in its truest of meaning. We all will beat the odds of having a Nation without love and its dealings.
    We all with boundless joy will have a taste of the milk and honey we seek I’m the Nation.


  2. Well written…true enough that most of us shy away from our responsibilities and always look for someone else to blame for our shortcomings…

  3. Akham I know neva disappoints! Every post written by you. Is always the best. Thiss one is actually the best I’ve read from u.

  4. I’m obssesed with u and your write ups, seen ur article twice on naijaloaded and started following you on social networks. This is incredibly amazing!!!

  5. It truly nice and facts of life, maturity is not when we start speaking big things, it is when we start understanding small things.
    Once again nice one brother

  6. Nice message…. FORGIVENESS,LOVE AND RESPONSIBILITY… the world today is having problem with that.. I just wish many will not only comment alone but take actions.. Thanks for the cool message!

  7. The only person that followed d rules of the competition! Others aren’t inspiring at all. Bro, Goan start inspirational blog asap! U re blessed in writing….

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