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I want to share a great opportunity with you this beautiful Friday Morning. The first of my series of gifts, it usually costs $500 for Mini Importation training. This covers for mentorship and coaching materials, but the vision of the trainer is to raise 500,000 people on Mini Importation by the year 2020.

More people are subscribing for this package don’t be left out.

In addition to this, we also want a lot of people to take advantage of this festive season to make huge sales.

Therefore, I will be giving you an offer like no other.

If you subscribe for mini Importation package now, below are the things you will stand to get:

1. 1-month mentorship on Mini Importation(training will be strictly on whatsapp and Telegram) worth NGN50,000

2. Videos on 26 E – commerce websites where you can buy goods cheaply and sell to make massive profit worth NGN50,000.

3. Videos on how to step up your store on Konga worth NGN20,000.

4. Videos on how to set up your store on Jiji worth NGN20,000.

5. How to set up your store on SHOP IF YOU worth NGN20,000.

6. An Ebook on blogging worth NGN20,000.

7. Video on dropshipping worth NGN20,000

8. An Ebook on Mastering Social Media Marketing for worth NGN30,000.

9. 600,000 email addresses of online shoppers worth NGN180,000

10. Database of any local government in our possession that you want worth NGN50,000

11. Over 300,000 email addresses for NGN250,000.

12. US email addresses worth NGN300,000

All the above cost over 1 million Naira.
But it can all be yours if you’re paying NGN59,999 today.This offer will end November 5th, 2017

However, you can get it for free if you refer 2 people to pay. All you have to do is to tell them to include your name in the mail as their referral.

This offer increases by 10,000 Naira daily and ends on the 5th of November, 2017

Whatsapp 07050588795 and
send a mail of payment details to after making payments.

Account Details
GT Bank
Gileadbalm Enterprise.


The lovely girl’s dress cost 2,500 Naira from the supplier and the shoe cost 4,000 from the supplier


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