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Attracting the Customer
Generating traffic to your website has been much easier. Years ago, when we had to promote our product we use to do cold calls, mail marketing, road promotions, place ads in newspapers, all of which were very costly and also time-consuming. Also, it wasnt possible to target customers; all you got were general visitors.
But since the time the Internet has become a business mainstay, all this has almost changed. People have discovered better means on marketing online. The major benefit of Internet marketing is that targeted buyers come to you and you dont have to go in search of them. This makes the conversion rate very high as they are looking for a product and we have it.
There are many different ways of going about Internet marketing, such as those mentioned below:- 1. SEO (search engine optimization) 2. Article marketing 3. Blog marketing 4. Forums posting 5. Blog commenting 6. Social network marketing 7. Video marketing 8. Podcast marketing
These are some of the best methods to generate targeted traffic to your websites. If you follow all these methods, there will be no questions about targeted traffic to your website which can get a high conversion rate.
However, it is not all about promotion when you are marketing something online. You should also provide special offers, give them bulk discounts, promotional offers, up sells, down sells you can also take care of cross sales. All this gives a boost to your income. Nowadays, one time offers and second changes are more in demand.
You can also develop a list of targeted customers by providing free newsletters and information which helps users. In turn you get leads of the targeted customer which you follow up any time. This is called as lead generation technique which is one of the most important techniques of Internet marketing.

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