Pst Matthew Ashimolowo – 13 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Land

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Pst Matthew Ashimolowo


13 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Land

1. Land appreciates but building do not appreciate.

2. Land was the first thing God gave man.

3. God gave man lands to perpetuate wealth.

4. We must reverse the curse on the land so we can take advantage of all the benefits of it.

5. Land can be left as an inheritance for coming generations

6. Land was man’s first stewardship.

7. The ownership of land is a sign of blessings from God. When God wants to bless he gives him a land.

8. Land is a blessing for establishing the covenant right of believers.

9. Land gives you the access to acquire wealth, equity and to develop prosperity for the future.

10. The ownership of land give you an opportunity to bring Glory to God.

11. The Bible mentions land 1641 times – Exodus 3:7-8

12. God’s desire is to give you good and spacious land.

13. Shares of companies can be wiped out in one day but lands remain forever. You don’t have to monitor land minute by minute like you monitor shares.



Called Project 50 Landlord
Sango, Atan, Agbara Property Growth

This axis used to be a thick forest. The day Bishop Oyedepo was led to this axis to buy what is now known as *_Canaanland_*. He almost turned back along the road. A plot of land in that axis was NGN2000 in 1997 but now goes for NGN1 – 5million per plot depending on what and where you are buying.

Ikorodu Property Growth.

Ikorodu used to be water lake and swampy until the massive industrial development in that axis. A plot of Land was sold for NGN6000 to NGN25,000 in 1997 but now cost between NGN1 – 10million today. Ikorodu is the next big deal for the _common man_ in Lagos as Eko Atlantic is not affordable for the average family. Massive land still exists in Ikorodu. Once the 4th Mainland bridge is constructed with 15-20munites drive you will be on the island from Ikorodu.

Lekki Real Estate Growth

Land in Lekki Phase 1 was sold for NGN50,000 per plot in 1997.

Many missed out because they lack the vision to foresee development on the axis. Some complained that Lekki was swampy so they didn’t invest. Fast forward to 2017, same land is selling for NGN100,000,000 per plot.

Another opportunity opens in the “New Lagos” Ibeju-Lekki. With over $20 billion investment by local and International conglomerates this axis is about to witness the biggest development so far in the history of our Nation Nigeria.


PAY NGN100,000 for 17 months or 1.2 Million Outright and YOU ARE NOW A LANDLORD.

*White House Estate, Atan, Ogun State*

PAY NGN100,000 for 25 Months or 2 Million Outright & You are Now Landlord.

*Sapphire Estate, Agric, Ikorodu,Lagos State.*

PAY NGN100,000 for 30 months or 2.5 Million & YOU ARE A LANDLORD.



PAY NGN200,000 for 30 months or 5.5 Million & YOU ARE A LANDLORD.


PAY NGN250,000 for 28 months or 6.5 Million & YOU ARE A LANDLORD.


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