A Betrayal Triangle



A Betrayal Triangle

Amongst other things, I am a chess player and I am in the chess club of my school. Though my chess is quite strong, I made the club president, Bernard, my mentor and we subsequently became friends. So, I introduced my mentor to my friends, brothers and one of my cousins, Beatrice. I made many friends in the chess club and became quite close with one of them, a guy named Moses. It then became a habit for me to go to Moses’ or Bernard’s place to play chess at my leisure time. They also reciprocate when chanced.

My life was going great, everything seemed perfect, until my mentor started to hit on my cousin behind my back! I got infuriated, not by the fact that he hit on her, but that he went behind me. I felt cheated, the kind of trust I had in him wasn’t reciprocated. I told my cousin how I felt and wanted to know why she also couldn’t open up to me. She gave me some flimsy excuse, and I just accepted it without giving it much or any thought. I wasn’t going to give up my precious friendship and great life for just a little misunderstanding so I decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

So I started playing chess more often so as to distract myself from thinking about the issue. This decision invariably led to me going to Moses’ place more frequently than ever. One day, I was playing chess at Moses’ place with many of his friends. At the end of the day, I couldn’t find my phone again. I immediately raised alarm, not accusing anybody but making awareness and a plea to all of them to help me search for it. Immediately, Moses started confronting me, telling me to stop embarrassing him and his acquaintance with my baseless accusations. I thought he was just mistaken so I was trying to reason with him. But he was very adamant and wouldn’t listen to anything I have to say. The whole situation became messy and I took my leave to avoid any further escalation. The next day, I went to his place, hoping he would’ve calmed down and be more reasonable, but he was in fact exactly opposite. He was more belligerent and less reasonable. He accused me of not losing my phone and that I was just trying to extort them. I tried to pretend not to hear this annoying accusation, but he wouldn’t stop. He kept on accusing me, as if he never knew me. I ran out my patience, and gave him a piece of my heart. I accused him of stealing the phone and just trying to cover it up. I left his place in annoyance after making it clear to him that I’m going to collect my phone from him one way or the other. I went to school and came back home in the evening. I open the door and was welcomed by the sight of Moses and my father. “Oh no, this can’t be good”, I said to myself. I greeted them and they responded. Then my dad asked of my phone and I stammered that it was lost. My dad lambasted me and promised to reduce my allowance as punishment. Moses had actually filled my dad with lies just so he would believe him. He betrayed me in order to exonerate himself from any consequence of me losing my phone at his place. It was then it dawned on me that my phone is gone and apparently a ‘friend’ also.

Next day, I went to school and after a day’s lecture decided to visit my mentor so as to get my mind off the whole saga. Getting there, I saw my cousin’s sandal outside. I was surprised but I immediately calmed myself with the thought that she is not the only person in the world with that kind of sandal. So I moved stealthily to the door and eavesdropped to hear the voice of whoever it was. Alas, it was my cousin’s and not only that, she was actually making fun of me for all my tragedy. I was so sad, I turned back home and didn’t leave any traces of my presence. She got back home late that night, and when I asked her where was, she lied. I didn’t want her to suspect anything, so I was acting natural. That is when I discovered she was a traitor all along, if she asks about me, it is not because she cares but just to satisfy her curiosity and have something to gossip and laugh about.

The next day was Saturday which is the day we gather to play and learn chess as club members. I paired with my mentor and during a game told about my phone saga. He sympathized with me feigning ignorance. Later, he asked about my cousin, apologized for hitting on her and promised never to do such again. And that was the point I realized that all along I was actually in the center of “a betrayal triangle”.



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