How to Attract Favor in Career and Business by Stephen Akintayo.

Destiny is at the mercy of delivery but discovery will not equal delivery; between discovery and delivery is capacity. Take responsibility to build capacity- Pastor Isaac Oyedepo.

70% of my friends are full time Pastors or part time and I have always emphasized the fact that church talk more about Discovery and Delivery and leave Capacity building out of the equation.

Many glorious Destinies are hanging because we go to church, we are workers in the church but our lives are void of testimonies because we don’t invest in capacity development in the area of our career and businesses.

Discovery + Capacity = Delivery.

We have talked well about Discovery and Delivery but talk less about capacity. Numbers 13:30 “Your capacity is your greatest problem in the delivery of vision.

Why Paul was able to say this was because he had spent over a decade developing himself. Stop celebrating what God told you in your closet, until you build capacity, you can’t take delivery. God’s responsibility is to give you vision and man’s responsibility is to capacity. 10 years in business is not a substitute to consistent capacity building. Isaiah 61:1-3. Mark 1:35.

We may say the same thing but the depth we use to deliver is different. ACT 13:44. You didn’t work for what God showed You (Vision), but you must build capacity for delivery. Matt 8:17. Psalm 105:37. Romans 8:11. Psalm 105:37. There is a spirit of God in you that forbids another spirit from being within you.

Go to church daily, if you will not build capacity in the area of your trade, you will be poor and will never attract favour. People want to help experts in any field. I have gotten favour in Public Speaking globally but it’s because I spent years to build skills in Digital Marketing and Internet Business. As much as I am an ordained Pastor who goes to church and preach, I spend more time developing capacity in my field, so that I am not heavenly relevant but earthly useless. I can compete globally with anyone in my field.

Being a Christian should not make you a mediocre in what you do, If You always like to sleep in church and hate going to work, resign and join Ministry. In our company, if you fail to come to work because of church, I will fire you so you can go and sleep in church. No full timePastor will succeed in ministry and will be a mediocre in trade. I was convinced I wasn’t called to start a church hence, the one I am called to do, I must do it excellently well as that’s my own ministry. Heaven said that. what are the things to help you attract favour?

  1. PRAY and Expect Favor. HEB 4vs16

Don’t imagine where it comes from or who it will come from, but it will come. God will speak to people on your behalf.

2) DEAL with Integrity with Partners, Boss and Customers. PSALM 5:12. ISAIAH 3:12.

“PEOPLE WHO WALK IN TRUTH WIll MAKE IT, IT MAY TAKE TIME. WHAT REVEALS THE TRUTH IS TIME. WHEN IT IS WITH TIME, LEAVE IT WITH God. Integrity doesn’t mean things wouldn’t go wrong, it means you are transparent about it and willing to do everything in your power to be fair with people.

3) Only Make Friends with those who are FAVORED

I tell people that you cannot be friends with people who are favoured and not attract favor, it’s called environmental anointing. The mistake people make is that they envy those who are favoured and even get intimidated instead of celebrating them and associating with them.

4) Humility

The moment you think big, you become small. James 4:10. Behaving bigger than you are is the fastest way to become smaller than you are. Psalm 75:7. Remain small in your own eye. Never get to the point you cannot be talked to again.

5) BECOME an agent of smile and favour to others.

Anytime you want something, sow it into the life of others and God will use others to sowinto your life.

6) Praise and Thanksgiving Act 2:47.

Stop looking at what is not working, focus on what is working and thank God for it and soon, your story will change forever. Remember that thanksgiving is an application for more, You will encounter a lot of blessing in your life if you give God the glory for every little blessings you receive. Contentment is a powerful tool for gratitude. God has been gracious to you, Celebrate him.

I pray that from today, favour will always come your way, You will no longer lack anything good. Miracle on all sides, Doors of favour will open for you in Jesus name. This week will be your week of unusual favour and grace in Jesus name.

It was a full house Yesterday at Empowerment Centre Dallas. We were there till 9pm. Glorious experience we had. One thing I am addicted to Is, impacting lives, I can’t stop adding value. Always a privilege for me.


Continue to invite your friends to join and pray for me. God bless you and have a great week ahead.
Stephen Akintayo
Africa’s Premier Digital Marketing Consultant, Serial ENTREPRENUER and CEO Gtext Group.

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