How did a roadside mechanic with only two years of formal education become one of the richest men of his time? He owned an automobile company pioneer several vehicle product chain named after him. That was the story of Henry Ford of FORD Automobiles. Henry Ford was a roadside mechanic, with only 2 years of formal education; yet he became one of the richest men of his time. Today we remember him everyday as we see the products of his automobile company the FORD cars and the Ford Foundation. How did this happen? He simply got valuable information from a less than five-minute interaction with Thomas Edison. That information gave him a breakthrough in automobile engineering. The difference between a success and a failure, the rich and the poor more often than not is Information. The human mind has the ability to receive and store up information in the most unimaginable way. An informed mind is a great treasure to generations. What you pay for when you engage the services of an organization or an individual is information. We all pay for information. Coca Cola is one of the greatest brands on earth, yet some years back at the early stage of its existence, it was limited to only a handful of cafes and shops. The only way it was served then was through the use of jugs and kettles. Until one day the board of directors got a call from a man who claimed to have the secret information to make Coca Cola a global product. They would pay him $75,000 (Seventy-five thousand U.S Dollars) if they use the information. The board called him over for a meeting. On the day of the meeting the man came in with his lawyer who ensured that all documents were signed before saying anything. Then the man looked at the whole board, and said two words BOTTLE IT. Everyone was taken aback and then it dawned on them that putting the content in a bottle will actually make Coca Cola more accessible to people. The man collected his cheque and walked out. The world is set to pay for the right information your mind possesses. Today Coca Cola products are everywhere, just because of two words Bottle It. If you know what the society is seeking to know, you can be sure that you are on your way to success.


Knowledge is powerful. Your knowledge is equal to the level of information stored up in your mind. Your knowledge is what determines your strength. Be it spiritual, financial, material and so on. Your exploit in life is a direct product of your information level. Public speakers and preachers are the greatest influence on the society. Think about the kind of influence people like Adolph Hitler, Martin Luther King (Jr.), and Mahatma Ghadi, had on their generations. You can go ahead and draw out a list of such leaders with great oratory prowess. They changed their world positively or negatively by the instrumentality of information. Think about the Lord Jesus Christ, His teachings have become so invaluable to the society and even the business world. You cant teach about branding without a mention of the strongest brand ever, the Jesus brand. Think also about the influence of the greatest book ever written, the Bible. Consider the powerful information of eternal consequences recorded in this book. Information is life. We survive on information. We can only go as far we are informed. In order to elicit and guarantee maximum productivity at all levels of life, we need to gather relevant in formation.


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