Bricklayer versus Graduate: How Education is not Equal to Financial Intelligence

I pastored a chapel once, we had this heavy down pour that fell some part of the church building and we needed to reconstruct it before the next Wednesday service. We had a member who was a bricklayer-stack Illiterate, I had to visit his house to ask him for quotation to rebuild and that was when it hit me: this illiterate has a house, block of rooms without a toilet and not even well roofed, but it was his house.

I shared this story recently with a friend and he said to me: “My father was a handy Man never went to school but bought a house and raised us there and today, he’s crying that my elder brother hasn’t gotten a land nor has he built his house and even fell sick thinking about this”.

Many so called graduates who wear tie but lack financial Intelligence and think they are big boys and girls; Hmmm! Wake up! I personally vow that day to build houses and I will start with lands and then move to houses and then cities.

No shame or crime in starting small but watch out what gtext homes will be in 20 years from now.

Learning to Start Small

From experience, learning to start small is important. Many dreams will never come to pass if we don’t learn to start small. Small beginnings lead to great endings. If you will ever own your house, start small with a land and start now. Opebi in Ikeja used to be a zone for ritual killers then 40 years ago as it was a thick forest. Today it is one of the choices placed in Lagos mainland. Don’t miss our VAL Promo that ends tomorrow. Get 20% Discount on your purchase today. Visit

I see you move from just lands to houses and to building cities in Jesus name. But start where you are today!

Stephen Akintayo

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