How To Build Your Brand With Instagram Image – PART II

Instagram Marketing

Know EXACTLY who you are marketing to

This is the number one step that the overwhelming majority of people getting ready to market on Instagram stumble with or ignore completely, and it is the final nail in their coffin before they even get started.

You just cannot have any real success whatsoever with online marketing without first understanding exactly whats happening in your market, what your ideal prospect is interested in most, and the kinds of content that they really gravitate to.

For starters, you have to get crystal clear about who your ideal prospect really is

Sure, this isnt quite as sexy as leveraging the latest Instagram marketing tactic du jour, but it is the heart and soul of a proven marketing approach and the only way that you are going to be able to hit the ground running with your new Instagram efforts.

A lot of otherwise smart and savvy business owners and marketers are going to try and create the business of their dreams or a brand that really resonates with what they are most interested in.

This is especially deadly for business owners and entrepreneurs that are trying to scratch their own itch and feel like they are the best customer for their products or services.

These are the kinds of business owners and entrepreneurs that are going to color all of their marketing and advertising according to what they would be most attracted to, as opposed to what the majority of their market is interested in.

Do not make this same mistake.

Instead, create a customer profile that is as detailed as humanly possible about whom your perfect prospect is.

Break down their age, their interests outside of your products and services, the hobbies that they most enjoy, the income that they are likely to pull down, their marital status, and absolutely everything else you can come up with to really zero in on EXACTLY who they are.

Then and only then will you be able to create the kind of Instagram content (and other pieces of marketing content, for that matter) that will really resonate with them as a core individual.

This is when youre able to turn up the heat, this is when youre able to knock your marketing out of the park, and this is when you have an almost unfair competitive advantage over your competitors.


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