Business is Not for Lazy Individuals

I was chatting with a young man yesterday who has his business in Surulere and lives in Ikorodu area of Lagos State. He recently tried to visit his office but he kept complaining that he couldn’t make it to his office due to the distance from his house. For 4 years I have been living in Sango-Ota of Ogun State while my office is in Ikeja, Lagos State and I still make it early enough to my office; most of the time I arrive there before many of my staff before the hour of 8:00am. Business is never for lazy individuals.

If your motive for starting a business is to gain control of your time, I am sorry, get back to paid employment. There is a level of business success you desire that requires 16-hour daily work and 7 days a week work demand but if you want to just be self-employed, that’s fine. To invest so little a time in your business and expect huge success is day dreaming.

We have four types of individuals in this world:

The Employees and the Self-Employed; 95% of the world’s population is in this category but only 5% become wealthy and we have as well the Business owner and the Investor;only 5% do this and 95% of the global money is in their hands.

The decision is yours to make, don’t ever make the mistake of thinking business is easy or is for idle individuals who want more time for themselves and their families. This is not to say, you shouldn’t create time for vacations and for the family; I do a lot of vacations, infact am technically ending one today but don’t forget that business is not for lazy men if success in business is your goal. It’s on the wings of 16-hour work that you build an empire, there are no shortcuts when it comes to success.



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