Why I decided to have 200 estates before I die

How was your VAL? I did not get home last night until after 12am. The rule is that, You have to enjoy the wife of your youth. My wife and I had great time coaching Business men and women and having fun.

Well, back to todays subject matter. My Parents life was a huge lesson for me. My dad had early life of some form of financial stability but it didn’t last long. My mum was a Civil Servant whose salary was never enough. We always had issues with landlord and kept moving yearly from one house to another due to increase in rent. At some point my parents got a land in a thick forest without power grid and so most of my early childhood was without TV nor light bulb for over 6 years. I saw Water closet for the first time at the age of 12. Still it was one of the most stable and peaceful season of my life. Suddenly my schooling was stable and no pressure of rent as it was our house. No toilet but it was our house. We had a little farm beside our one plot, leased to us as a farm.

I have learnt over the years that the real genuine proof of wealth is real estate. It’s the most tangible wealth God created and that’s why all the wars in the world has always been about land. All through scriptures it was about taking over a territory. The most stable form of investment is real estate. It is real! In Genesis when God created man he ask him to subdue the earth and dominate it. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there off. And he handed it over to Man to take it. Your dominion is not over other Men/Women but over Nature.

To buy a land, To Buy a house or build it is to fulfill scriptures that’s why I trust God for 200 estates before I die at 120 years in full old age, so I still have some time.

Why Don’t Many people Buy A land or House?

Pride! Many want to start with Lekki Phase I. The place we move to without light in Maiduguri now has light and road and the house was sold when we left north for huge amount of money.Start at your level. Do flexible payment. Buy somewhere far but affordable and see what God will do. Even if you are renting now,buy land somewhere and later build and rent it out or some other form of investment on the land.

My prayer for everyone is that you will not die a tenant without buying your own land and building your own house. There is no better time to take action than now. Our company is doing 20% Discount VAL Promo ending this Friday. Visit www.gtexthomes.com

Have a great day ahead.

Stephen Akintayo

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