Is This A Generation Mumu Don Do or Generation Mumu Never Do?

Did you read my story yesterday about Alhassan? If not, visit my blog or social media handle. I appreciate all the responses and encouragements. But one response stood out yesterday; it was by a woman who asked me why I didn’t help Alhassan.
Well, to make it clear I didn’t just help Alhassan alone, because he’s not the only one having issues with tuition fees. Besides, Alhassan is in a better state because he makes over NGN80,000 monthly during holidays. I am on a project to pay tuition for 150 children. Batch A have all received their cheques. Batch B will receive in October and Batch C, in December and Batch D in January. apply.
However, what she asked is what this generation has been asking; “What did you do to help?” instead of “WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?” I started giving out tuition fees (as a student in the university) when I haven’t paid my own tuition fees. No wonder I am going up by the day. God knows if He blesses me with money; many families will feed off it.
I remember how my friends and I washed cars; sold popcorn as students to raise funds to help orphans. Over 2,500 orphans from 25 Orphanages have been impactedin 9 years. From the days when NGN3000 donation was all I could offer till now.
Anyone who is asking, “What is the Government doing to help?” or “What has that rich man done to help?” is in the generation of Mumu Never Do.
We can’t afford to be waiting for others to help the most vulnerable in our society. We have to do the best we can. No one has asked since we started; “Can I pay tuition for one or two children?” Rather, what we get is people thinking; “Only the rich is to help.” And you still wonder why the rich keep getting richer. God will only give money to distributors.And the only way to prove you are one is to start giving. Give NGN500 out of your NGN5000 to help someone that can’t help you back.
Africans have not developed the culture of giving those who can’t give them back. That’s why we are suffering! Hurricane Harvey saw even the poor from all over America, sending donations to shelters. But in Nigeria, everyone is waiting for someone else to solve the problem of Nigeria. How many so-called poor people took out of the little they have and send to Benue State? The flooding in Lekki, Lagos State (and other parts) attracted mockery; instead of sympathy of those who lost their valuables.
This is a Mumu mindset.
If you don’t change this country, who will?
Do what you can and leave the rest. Generation Mumu Never Do is the talking and entitlement generation. You keep passing the buck and that’s what got us here. The Local Government Area Chairman blames the State Governor; the State Governor blames the Presidency; and the Presidency blames the elites. No one is taking responsibility for Nigeria. I tell people; “Start something to make life better for your neighbor.” Stop talking and start acting. A talking generation is the generation whose mumu never do.
Even if all you have is $1, you can donate. It’s a shame that the GoFundMe account we are using to raise $15,000 to match my own $15,000 hasn’t reflected a dollar. Yet some people feel they should be asking me if I helped Alhassan; instead of asking me, “How can I too help these children from poor homes you work with to go to school?”
Let Me Share a Few Signs That Will Show Our Mumu Don Do Attitude;
1. Ordinary Nigerians from average homes mobilizing others to help the poor rather than doing civil activism alone.
2. Ordinary Nigerians marching to the National Assembly to protest that the Nigerian Constitution be changed to allow associations, Religious bodies and private individuals to construct federal, state and local government roads that are bad.
The Nigerian Constitution doesn’t alone private people work on poor roads except with permission (that takes months to acquire). When a government fails the citizens; it is the responsibility of citizens to take back their country from the government and rebuild their land.
3. Ordinary Nigerians owning media houses will begin charity works without such people going to them. BBC once visited Ajegunle (a neighborhood located in the heart of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria) and interviewed a friend of mine who grew up in the slums.
Our company contacted a media house in Nigeria to cover our bursary event two Saturdays ago and they asked for 1 million Naira. I exclaimed! With 1 Million, I will pay for another 30 students. Our media houses are the chief anchor of corruption in Nigeria.
4. Poor yet making others rich is what will show Nigeria is ready for change. When an average Nigerian will look beyond his challenges and reach out to others in need.
Africans need to go to informal schools where they will be equiped for their vocation. Go for skills! Stop putting everything on GOD. God gave you a brain so He can rest. Use your brain. He gave you hands and legs, so you can work. Get a job. Stop playing victim. Go to church because you love God and not because you need money, job, or healing from God. Some have turned church (and mosque) to business. Sitting in church 24/7; acting and playing religion when you can do something tangible with your life. And by your results, showing people who God is. The best way to preach the gospel is to have your life’s results prove that Your God answers prayers.
Prayer + Brain Work + Capacity Development = Lasting Success
Any revival without social transformation (in the form of good roads, more jobs, better medical facilities,and industrial revolution) is just a waste of time.

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