How President Jonathan Sent SSS to Arrest Me on Buhari’s Campaign Part 2″ by Stephen Akintayo

The time was 10:20am when I got to the SSS Lagos head office as they asked me to report along side surety with a certificate of company name and My Lawyer,Few minutes later, I met the manager at the SSS office who said he read my article on my blog about the arrest, that it brought embarrassment to the force, and that It was only a simple investigation they were carrying out…and not an arrest! He said that there was nothing stopping them from releasing me that same day if not that it was late already…. “Just an investigation you called that! And your guys made me passed the night outside my home unwilling!,What a paradox!” I imbued.However, I apologized to him that my article was not intended to embarrass SSS as governmental institution but to make known my feelings as I was not working for any political party.

To keep the ball rolling, my lawyer and I were delayed for more than 3hours at the reception as he explained to me that they needed to still go through my written statement. However, I was suppose to be on air at Radio Continental for 12:20noon, speaking on “Why are people poor? How can you get out of poverty? Sharing My story…” as at that time. But I couldn’t; just because of this obnoxious situation! He later led me to the Office of the State Director, Ben Olayinka Achu Who started by accusing me of political propaganda against SSS! He went further to express his dissatisfaction about the behaviour of today’s young leaders who wish to rule the country and yet lie about certain things on social media using me as a case study… “Hmmm….” He explained that the investigation was not political but was about kidnappers who always used GSM database and bulk SMS to send threaten messages to people. He further explained that I was not a suspect, but that they needed me to help trace people into such path; since my company is into the sales of database….According to him, that was one of the reasons they treated me with kid ‘gloves and never locked me up in their cell for more than 31hours I stayed with them… they even made me sleep at their reception as they learnt I was a pastor.”We are civil agency”, he said.

Well, I got a little time to respond to his: allegations. It was at this time I imbued thus:
“Firstly, your men said they arrested me on the Order of the presidency and I had over 15people in my office that were witness to that… Secondly, these men came into my office with sophisticated guns in 3vans and look fiery! In fact, they confiscated one of my students’ phone who tried to video the incident. The phone is yet to be released. That was not the only thing that happened at the first sense; over 50people witnessed the incident live on the street where our office is located! These men caused a great scene when they put handcuff on my hands as if I were a member Boko haram terrorist sect caught red handed! The handcuff was indeed an eye sore as I have never been handcuffed before in my life! If it were EFCC, everyone could deduce that it was a criminal issue; but for SSS to have come in that manner, it must have been from ‘Oga at the top’… Thirdly, If I wasn’t the suspect, why didn’t they just invite me for interrogations as a law abiding citizen, instead of going about it in that manner. Fourthly, Non of the men told me exactly what my offense was, aside asking me about our company and the services we offer.
Nonetheless, I noticed their Director handled the issue diplomatically, and promised to investigate the aggression involve in the arrest.

He however, educated me unequivocally that, SSS ID card is equal a warrant and they have right to execute an arrest! Lastly, he emphasized that I should have asked for the attention of the most senior person which is him; so that he could answer all my questions as he often tell his men to arrest and not necessarily give them the details, so; that was why his men couldn’t answer any of my questions while the arrest was made; and that it wasn’t connected to neither politics nor my digital marketing campaigns sent for any political party/ candidates. He however, compelled me to rewrite my article to clear the air which I actually promised him I was going to do. Thus; this article is the fulfillment of my promise to him. I most confess that I really commend his professionalism in discharging his duties and more importantly, the way he handled the case.

The Manager eventually took me to his office and said that investigation will still continues thus: he will still need me to come back on Thursday 26th.I however, appealed to shift it to next week as this week is the peak period for our company and I need to be around because of the huge demands by various political candidates whose agents are on our neck to complete their campaigns, amongst whom is the President himself. He still insisted I must show up on Thursday…. I thanked him and left.

My Personal View.

The Question is, “Do I believe the state Director of SSS Mr Ben Olayi?
Yes! I believe him but my finger is still crossed because the history of all Military and paramilitary institutions are filled with secrecy and Intimidations. For example, If you just need me to share more light on our services and partnership, with the aim of those who originated or are using GSM database for kidnapping, why should I still come on Thursday? In my industry, ‘Time nah money.’ You have stated that am not a suspect, so why all the unnecessary invitations?
Secondly, one of the statement from one of the officers that came for my arrest was that it was from Abuja? And we all know what Abuja represents…However, I chose to believe the leadership of the State security service in Lagos state led by Mr Ben Olaniyi.

Thirdly, “Am I against Mr President because of this arrest?”

No! I have nothing against Mr President! Even though his men claim it was an order from him, I know in my heart of heart that it was not from him. He is my client same as other candidates from APC are, and other parties but I have the constitutional right to personally vote whoever I want irrespective of what any political party engages our company’s.
Just as I clearly stated on Tuesday morning 24th March at Radio Continental. “All digital marketing consultant and social media consultants should be careful and be more professional about the contents of their campaigns on behave of their clients. Not because Mr A employed you to tweet for him and you go about tweeting unduly statements without confirming if those statements were true or false since we don’t want violence in this Election!” We must all be civil particularly as youth, as these old men will soon go to the great beyond, so what will be left of this country if we destroy it by our words on social media. For example, many friends who read my article didn’t know that this singular article would get to the presidency. It actually did! So I appreciate all those who share and tweeted it.

Way Forward

We need a country with Equity and Justice. Change is coming to Nigeria but not the one APC nor PDP is campaigning on.I am talking about “True change that will move this country to a place where young people who are into legal basenesses/careers will be praised and appreciated and not where corrupt politicians and civil servants will be left untouched and only loyal citizens will be harassed and intimidated…!”

I look forward to a country that will produce a president in his early 40s. A country that people in their twenties and thirties will be in all sector of governance. Yes, it is very possible! A country rule by righteous and just men like Lin quan yun who pass on reccessly. A man who literarily make a way for his country where there wasn’t no way. Singapore road infrastructure is always 5years ahead of the population growth. A country like Singapore where corrupt people will be sent to jail and not given chieftaincy titles.

I believe in our Nigeria. It is obvious that the available candidates cannot give us that dream, but watch out ! very soon; we shall see the light….
I want to encourage Nigerian youths to go for self-development to build up themselves so that when opportunity come to their door steps; they won’t be caught unprepared and thereby misused it, because some of you will soon be sent for; from the top which will make the throne/leadership of our nation be left for you. The scripture says; “Woe unto you if your King is a baby….” We have head leaders who don’t think, and when they eventually think,they think shallow….!

I believe we will soon see the right kind of leaders who you and I will be proud of. With all sense of humility, I matter to this generation! Though I don’t have all the details yet but watch out for this young man. As politician will soon beg us to manage this nation for them.:Just keep doing what you know how to best that is legal… very soon,not too long, you will be sent for!

Who am I voting for in this Next Election?

Honestly, I feel like voting for Kowa party, that woman and her deputy are convincing. Whoever win the election should invite that woman and her deputy to his cabinet. Well, due to the tension in the air; I will not mention the personality I want to vote for. But let me state here that I have No grudge against Mr president! Only that the arrest has made me stronger and have plenty SSS friends whom I will like to recommend digital training for, as the 21st century Internet is one of the most powerful tools to fighting terrorism,they can’t do that if you have not train them. Even those in 30s and 40s who are good on the internet train seriously to learn it! I never saw computer until I was age 14. People like Ephraim Tailor made their first million from computer at that age. All our security outfits need a lot of training if we will be able to fight terrorism and crime effectively. People like us who can help should not be intimidated with guns and handcuff but encouraged with smiles and hugs.

I want to appreciate Mr Ben for the clarification. I hope the SSS will value my time by stopping the continuous visitation given me. I must say this that I have not committed any crime! if you feel I have; charge me to court and my team will always show up and not this consistent visit it is affecting my business..

I encourage everyone to vote for their choice candidate. Digital Marketers should be consulted for any candidate but must be professional about it. Between now and Saturday, my company is sending over 100millions digital campaigns on various platforms for different candidates but insisted that those candidates must send us non undutiful contents as we want a peaceful,free and fare elections.
I want to thank Nigerians who read,commented and share my first article on this incident. God bless you! For those who don’t know but stood for me, you will never lack help in your life! Once again “Thank you” but please don’t forget to pray for Nigeria.#BuhariversusJonatham #Peaceful Election #Electionintimidations

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  2. People don’t know that when you live in a glass house you have to be careful of things you throw around. Love this article i must tell you. But sss should not be bias in dealing with civilian. #GodBlessNigeria

  3. you really have pass through alot…but know this the sss, GEJ and others that might had been involved in your arrest just added to your portfolio. remember, some have gone to jail in Nigeria and come out to contest or even become president..though awful situation but in a way am saying congratulation. you now have the head of the sss in Nigeria and other officers as friend that you can later do business with.but my advice for you is this, always be confident, professional and digital in your communication with them, never interrupt while they talk but listen very well then pick point to answer their question from their statement. please you will have to introduce me to the head of sss so i also can do business with him…lol..keep your good spirit rolling

  4. Hello brother,
    I came to realized one thing in this life perticulaly about this our country that once u ar the kind that believed in truth noting but truth u will be victimized, vindicated to mentioned but few.
    Dear brother, one thing I will like to tell u is this what ever u are doing and your coincience is not disturbing u pls fill free to continue believe that the lord God is with u.
    Some people in this country life there life from deceit and lie, pls don’t join them.
    Tnx and God bless.
    My regards.

  5. Why will they re invite you severally? If all these were about kidnappers using Database, how many kidnap cases have they discussed with you since your interaction with them started? Diplomatically the SSS boss in the person of Mr Ben Olaniyi may has done a good job to his agency but honestly he did no justice to the truth nor to your person. That is my personal opinion. Who is paying for your image smeared by his men’s aggressive encounter?
    The only acceptable conclusion is an open apology for smearing your personality with their attitude and ill mannered approach.

  6. It is obvious that they don’t have cases, they are just trying to impress the president uneccesserily. Anyway, their director played a smart game there. The lord is your strength in this season of political propaganda…

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