Humility in the face of success is not negotiable


No matter how far and how fast God lift you,humility is none negotiable requirement particular because those who criticize you in your beginning days will be the first beneficiary of your rising.At this moment,stay humble however,humility is not stupidity.Some people who keep looking for you on the ground will be angry when they see you at the top. Don’t stoop to their level,don’t bend just to make them feel comfortable.An eagle cannot behave like a vulture just to be loved in the committee of birds.

Good News is that there is no traffic at the top.You don’t need to bring anyone down so as to be successful or feel successful. Always thank God when others make progress as that is the seed for your own miracle.What you criticize,you will never rise upto. Bottom line of My article this morning is;

1) Don’t be intimidated by other people success enough to bring them down with your mouth.Instead,celebrate them and thank God for their success genuinely from your heart and in no time,God will lift you up!

2)When your success start coming,stay humble. You are a product of grace and not merit.

3)Constiantly thrive. Go for more,those who will remain successful will put in more than they did to attain that success.Remember that those who are currently occupy the top position don’t have two heads.they where also down before and for them to make it,you can also make it.

Stephen Akintayo

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