How to Identify Genuine Real Estate Investment Opportunities

I am excited to provide real estate solutions most especially for Nigerians and Nigerians in Diaspora who do not want to get duped investing in Real Estate just like someone who made a 9 million naira payment for a land which he later discovered is under Government acquisition. Oh! What a great loss?

He did not loose the money anyway, he just did not make proper findings before investing, hence the panic after his discovery.

A woman who also got 3 and a half plot and later discovered she was just alloted 2 and a half plot…

Lack of trust are issues experienced during land acquisition;

“There is no mountain anywhere in the world, a man’s mountain is his Ignorance”. Knowledge is power…Stephen Akintayo


If you are being defrauded in real estate, its because you do not have sufficient information about real estate in the location you are investing in. Greedy people who want things cheap get easily duped; instead, do a contemporary pricing in that location with other estates before you go ahead to invest.

I for instance attend trainings even in the United States regarding real estate which is something I have been doing for three years now on how the market works, what are the opportunities because we’re expanding into Real Estate in US with plans of starting in 2018 and I dont want to go into it until I have enough knowledge needed to do it.

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To identify genuine real estate Companies/Opportunities, let’s take a look at the following:

1. Planning

There is no credible real estate development company without a long term plan about the property be it a 30 year project but from day 1, there will be a plan laid out. Be interested in the plans they have because

Be interested in the plans they have because any genuine real estate company will have a masterplan and can show you how the plans will be accomplished. e.g Lekki Phase 1 which is in the 3rd decade of making it became popular in the 90s; Omole Estate which has been since the 80s, Magodo which has been in existence since the 90s

2. The Potential for appreciation

Ask the following questions:

What are the future developments coming in to the area be it by the Government?

What are the things that made them start investing in that location?

Why did the real estate company decide to invest in those areas/location?

It is wisdom to do your research why the company decided to invest in that location

For instance if you ask me why I am investing at Atan-Otta in Ogun State Nigeria, it is due to Winners Chapel 150,000 seater Auditorium, the distance to Agbara where the Government is about carrying out railway constructions, also Industrial projects are coming up and the estate is located opposite another estate owned by one of the leading real estate companies ‘Adron Homes‘.

Ikorodu is the corridor to Lagos and the upcoming fourthmainland bridge as soon as it is done, passes through where the estate is and the place becomes a choice location.

Ibeju-lekki: Dangote refinery, sea port, International Airport, incredible property investments.

The real estate company should be able to tell you facilities and opportunities coming up in the areas.

3. Who are those that will live in that axis?

This is very important, buy where the rich will live as the location will be highly sort after and your location will be secured e.g Abuja, where smart people moved to as it is the ‘seat of power with Ministers and other GovernmentParastatals in it.

Anywhere there’s water as the cost of buildings there are high and not just anybody will choose to live in that location. Those who are wealthy eventually live there and invest in such locations, for instance, in Banana Island: A  woman got a portion in the area when it was waterlogged and she left it for five years, after which she was approached initially with 100million to purchase her land which she turned down, after some months 200million, after a year 500million. She then chosed to sell her other houses in other location to build at Banana island. From her duplex, she sees Mike Adenuga’s compound and she rented her buildingings for 15million naira each.

A good real estate location is where the rich people are.

4. Transparency


Credible real estate companies and opportunities are transparent, especially about what they have and what they dont. All documents are seen from day one.

“Integrity is not being perfect but to acknowledge your status per time” You admit your status per time, not more or less.

Transparency may be costly but the end result is priceless.

It is very important to know that credible real estate companies are transparent.



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