Mobile phones have become an essential component of our lives. They are perfect marketing tools since they support the widespread digital application of SMS. Businesses large and small have come to rely heavily on bulk SMS to help them campaign for their goods or services. Companies that spent huge amounts on advertizing using conventional methods have gone hi-tech and have fine-tuned the latest technology to suit their purpose by resorting to bulk SMS marketing. The principle advantages of the innovative promotional method are:

Cost Effective SMS are a cheaper means of communication compared to the advertizing methods used in the past. Sending out bulk SMS s to a large audience is unbelievably inexpensive.

  • Efficient People are more likely to read the SMS they received carefully in their leisure time, thus bringing long lasting brand awareness in them.
  • Quick and Wider Reach At the click of a button, huge number of specifically targeted clients can be reached. This need not be restricted by national boundaries, hence harnessing a global market.
  • Improves the Company Image Bulk SMS marketing brands the advertiser as being technically sophisticated. This improves the image of the company significantly.
  • Ideal for the Busy Recipients Each recipient of the bulk SMS broadcast has the option of viewing the message when and where he wants. This form of pushing products is best suited for people in the vicious grip of hurly-burly of life.
  • Builds Better Rapport Receiving personalized SMS, the receiver is made to believe being singled out. Psychologically this leads him to feel warmer towards the goods or service that is being advertized, thus laying the corner stone for a closer bonding between the prospective consumer and the manufacturer.

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