How Linda Ikeji made over ₦1 Billion from Blogging

How Linda Ikeji made over ₦1 Billion from Blogging and How You Too Can!
In Todays world, the regular newspaper has taken the back seat. Everybody gets their information, news, reviews etc. online. Hence, the birth of Weblogs popular called Blogs.
If Linda Ikeji Could Make Over One Billion in Blogging after 8years in the business, YOU TOO CAN.!

What Is Blogging?
Blogging is a regular entry of comments, chronological events, reviews etc. Its like an online journal. It is important to note that content fuels inbound marketing.

How Linda Ikeji Made Over ₦1 Billion From Blogging
Linda Ikeji the billionaire blogger who has made over ₦1 Billion is quoted to have been so committed to blogging that even on a sick bed, she still was blogging and the universe rewarded her with huge profit from multinationals who kept advertising to her over 3Million readers.
Most of her money comes through:
1. Google Adwords (Adsense)
2. Direct Adverts (people paying her directly to place advert on her blog)

How to Start a Blog
3 quick steps to help you start your blog are:
1. Decide What to Blog about (Pick a Niche): Your niche can even be, As simple as that is, you can build and make millions. Pick a niche people are looking for information on and then start writing on it.
2. Choose a Blogging Platform: Pick Blogger.comor, as the site to partner with to build your blog. Linda started withBlogger.comwhich is owned by Google and you can even start for FREE, but free blogs are getting less attractive these days.
3. Market Your Blog: This is where the work is. If you don’t know about online marketing and invest heavily on it, you will not go far in this business.

How to Stay Relevant
Every day, there are new blogs popping up all over the internet. As a blogger, what do you do to stay relevant?
Target your buyers personas.
Focus on the visitor, your ideal buyer, not Google.
Know your audience.
Write compelling titles.
Address one topic per post.
Write relevant, educational content. Build thought leadership, be a problem solver.
Blog consistently and frequently.

Ways to Promote Blog Content
1. Leverage your website
2. Use your social media presence
3. Include blog articles in email marketing
4. Connect with your network
5. Create valuable content
But how do you become a blogpreneur, i.e. a blog entrepreneur?

How to Become a Blogpreneur
A blogpreneur is someone who is into the business of making money from your blog like Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, Olori Super Girl and several big names in the business?

Start Your Own Blog Today
We keep hearing big names like Linda Ikeji, Instablog Naija and many others. It is possible to build a blogging empire like these big names while following simple steps.

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