The word “INTERCOURSE” can, literally, be defined as “the Intercept of Courses”. A scenario where two elements’ courses or paths cross or meet.


According to Sir. Isaac Newton, a body/object will remain at rest, or if in motion, will continue to move in a straight line until it is intercepted by an external force, which is stronger and takes the body/object along its own course of action or motion (paraphrased).


The same thing happens during Intercourse: a Woman’s Egg will remain at Rest, or if in motion(during Ovulation) will continue to move within its cycle, until it is intercepted (fused/fertilized) by a Man’s Semen, which is a stronger force and takes the Egg on its course of action causing a Zygote to be formed.


SEX, as originally ordained by God, is for CREATION (Reproduction) and RECREATION (Pleasure/Discovery) between TWO people of the opposite sex who are married to each other.

Sex is likened to Pure Worship – the Fusion of Gametes; of Divinity and Humanity to form a New Specie or Breed of Creation.


Just like the Temple of old that had compartments – The Outer Court, The Inner Chambers and The Holy of Holies – so is the Woman’s being. In the Temple of old, it took only The Ordained Priest’s access into the Holy of Holies and he must be without sin or blemish, otherwise, he’ll be struck dead, and dragged out through a rope that was normally tied to their legs before they went in.


A Woman’s Inner Being is like “The Holy of Holies” where True Worship should be offered by The Ordained Priest; and it takes Marriage to qualify any Man as The Ordained Priest fit to offer Pure Worship in a Woman’s Temple through Sex.


Today, there’s a lot of violation of that God-ordained Principle, but God is calling us unto chastity.

The Private Part is hidden under clothing because it’s precious and Priceless. Like Gold is not readily available on the surface of the earth, it should take The Ordained Miner to discover your Inner Being as a woman, through the Gate, hence, offering True Worship as an Ordained Priest.


You’re the Chief Security Officer (C.S.O) of your Temple’s Gate. So, keep the gate shut for your ordained Priest only to have access into its premises for he deserves a worthy place of worship.


A temple enjoys true worship when the ordained and undefiled Priest has access into it, otherwise the reverse holds true.


Ladies, think on these things.


To the Unlimited YOU!


Raymond Iroham


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