One Brilliant Advice for Entrepreneurs

Fortune doesn’t favor the prudent. It favors the bold.

However, the majority of us are sitting tight for something else to occur before we go after our dreams.

We’re sitting tight for opportunities to introduce themselves, or for conditions to change – or for the planning to be correct. We’re sitting tight for whatever that solitary factor is that we think will make us glad, or put us on track, or bring us achievement.

Guess what? It’s probably never coming. And unfortunately, it’s often the waiting itself that prevents us from succeeding.

Chris Schultz, a New Orleans-based business person and financial specialist, recently gave a 1-sentence outline that I believe is part of the best guidance you’ll ever receive:

Don’t wait for somebody to give you permission.

All of us do it. We don’t feel sufficiently capable to give ourselves permission, and in this way we employ the absence of outside consent as a reason. You’re a rare and lucky person if you have somebody else telling you it makes sense to begin a business. Or, it’s the correct decision to pursue your long-lost love or some other dream.

For example, even if you live to be 82, that implies you just get 30,000 days on this planet. Multiply your present age by 365, and subtract that from 30,000. By and large, the number will be littler than you think.

You don’t have as much time on this planet as you’d thought. For this reason, don’t waste a moment of itwaiting for another person to tell you if it’s alright to go after your dreams – whatever those dreams may be.

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