The Power of Thanksgiving And Consistency As I learnt from Bishop David Oyedepo by Stephen Akintayo.

With thanksgiving and consistency, what is not enough today will eventually grow to the realm of overflow.

Bishop David Oyedepo once shared this story:Bishop David Oyedepo
“In one particular year, I went to Aba with my associates to have a crusade a gathering meant to bless the people of God over there. We had prepared spiritually and paid for all the equipment needed to ensure that the crusade was a success. As the program was about to commence, some people came from nowhere and informed us that they were no longer renting out the equipment. Not that we had made part payment, we paid in full; and they were serious about it. When I noticed how serious they were, I told my people not to worry and to allow them carry the equipment.

“At the crusade, we were about eighteen in number. I called them to join their hands and I ministered to them in teaching and prayers. After the session, we had reasons to thank God because we had testimonies. After the whole program, I warned my associates never to complain about what happened but to thank God. Furthermore, I told them that a time would come that we would come to this city for a crusade and people would be jostling to get a seat.

“Many years later, we went back to the same city of Aba to minister. For a program that was to start by 6:00p.m, people were already there as early as 10:00a.m to secure seats. When the program started, the congregation was so huge that we began thanking God for His miraculous acts of wonders in a city where we were once rejected.
As a result, whenever I tell them that ‘I’m coming to Aba tomorrow morning,’ they don’t need to print handbills. The information by itself is more than handbills: the whole place will be jam-packed.”
The moral of this story is, delay is not denial.With thanksgiving and consistency, what is not enough today will eventually grow to the realm of overflow. When I started as a speaker, I struggled to get invitations and whenever I did, it was hard for people to pay. More also, hosting events was difficult. But with consistency, I now host global events and people pay in hard currencies.

Gratitude + Consistency = Abundance .

Don’t ever stop giving thanks and appreciating God for His awesome, but unseen acts in your life. Your thanksgiving is best when you give thanks in tough situations. Additionally, you PROVOKE the hand of God to move quickly for your sake.
Most times, we don’t get our desired results because we give up too quickly. Your testimony will never be sweet without a great test. Your triumph is not in view without trial. The day that the door was shut against us is the day we start to build capacity for the days they will become permanently open. I PRAY that what is not enoughfor you today, will soon become more than enough in the name of Jesus.
Remain consistent. Forget what anyone is doing and focus on your own race and very soon, you will get there.
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