Role of Mobile Marketing In Lead Generation

Automated Mobile Marketing With Stephen Akintayo

In many ways, smartphone access is responsible for business to business (B2B) marketing growth. Lead generation has been boosted by mobiles astounding data connection, and multiple industries are taking charge with innovative marketing approaches.

Today, mobile marketing plans are used to manage emergency notifications, handle promotions, streamline assignments, and enhance B2B effectiveness with real-time events. Buying signals, firmographics, demographics, and contact information are being used to increase business outreach depth, and theyre succeeding quite a bit.

Below, we examine B2B lead generation from the mobile angle. Dont worry: Its an angle your business can get in on, too.

  • The Mobile-Made World: Data Solutions

B2B and B2C marketers alike are enhancing lead generation programs with the smartphones ability to gauge customer behavior. Together, real-time services, geolocation options, and constant alerts are making mobile marketing a go-to option for most companies. B2B professionals are acknowledging this, as well as, 83% of all B2B marketers power solutions through mobile apps and cross-channel, data-retrieving sources.

  • Mobile Email Marketing as a Verification Tool

B2B lead generation needs verification to survive. In fact, some industries carry as low as a 6.5% monthly email contact decay rate. That means that, by the end of every year, about half of a businesss CRM contacts could be inaccurate. Fortunately, mobile marketing has remedied one of the industrys biggest stressors. By implementing instant-outreach drip campaigns, constant connection plans and B2B mobile email initiatives, the worlds most intelligent mobile marketing gurus are reworking the way email leads are re-engaged.

  • Short Code Texting: The Worlds Newest Lead-Nurturing Tool

Text message marketing, in particular, is responsible for much of the lead generation worlds recent successes. Marketing expands far beyond a businesss subscription list, and its more than just writing up some messages. In 2016, a company needs to periodically reach out to generate leads. For this reason, marketers are turning to short code texting.

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