HELLO!!!…..I am STEPHEN AKINTAYO the African No 1 Premier Digital Marketing Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur! I Will like to share with you some interesting secrets you can NEVER find in a book about REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT
DO YOU KNOW……Real Estate is the best kept secret in the world?.
Land has an intrinsic ability to inspire us, gives us serenity and helps us to dream. Owning land can also be an excellent value. These tips reflect our wisdom gained from My years of developing land for community use, observing changing markets and real estate opportunities, and working with many different kinds of investors and stakeholders.
1) Land is more fun to own than stocks. Theres a reason its called real estate. When you own the land, you have the foundation to dream, plan and build your new home when the time is right. Plus, buying acreage gives you space, much more then crowded city lots. You can fit five city houses on a one-acre home sites.
2) Purchase land one to five years BEFORE you plan to build. Pre-buying the land allows you to benefit from value appreciation. Rather than paying that higher value later.
3) Look for a development property with no time-frame to build. This is the best option if you want to pre-buy land with developer amenities and infrastructure.
4)Buying land from a developer can save you money. Its important to anticipate all future development cost and eliminate surprises. Is water supplied by the city, private water company or your own well? Will electric power be available at your property boundary? What about gas lines, sewage disposal and road maintenance? Will you want cable TV and internet? When you buy from a land developer, the cost of infrastructure and modern amenities is part of the package up front – and because it is a shared community cost, it is less than developing the land yourself.
5) Purchase land in the path of growth markets. Owning land near prime or up and coming growth areas means your property has a greater chance of increasing in value at a faster rate. Check the area for zoning, building codes, and other regulations to ensure the area will maintain its value for years to come.
6)Purchase high quality land for the best value. Natural beauty is universally attractive; the presence of trees, hills, picturesque views, water access or water frontage, often yield higher value over time.
7)Plan to start small,think big and grow fast. For example raise 20% down payment. Planning is the most important secret to acquiring the property of your dreams. Having your down payment in hand allows you to make a decision the same day ahead of competitive buyers who may be considering the same property
8) Take advantage of developer discounts to pay less than list price. Land sales can save you thousands of dollars. The end of week, month or year are good times to check for discount offers when developers are motivated to close deals.
9) Buy land from estate that plan to have modern infrastructure and Amenities. Modern conveniences add value to your property and increase your everyday enjoyment and comfort.Amenities enhance quality of life and increase resale value. Tennis, fishing, swimming, and golf land developers offer amenities that few homeowners can afford to build on their own.
10) Acquire land and build with resale in mind. Always picture the type of land (views, trees, infrastructure and amenities) that the majority of the buying public would want themselves. A smart land purchase is about not only yourself, but also the person you may try to sell to in the future.
11) Always purchase from a known and respected developer. You should have complete confidence in the ability of the developer to complete all amenities and infrastructure in the promised time frame.
12) Buy what you can afford and not what you WANT. The major reason why people loose opportunity to be land owners is that they want to buy already developed locations that they can’t afford anymore. Instead of keeping your money in the bank. The down a location and latter flip it for the place you originally want. To just wait is to waste. In property, you don’t WAIT TO BUY LAND, YOU BUY LAND AND WAIT.
The major fortunes in America have been made in land. – John D. Rockefeller
Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. – Andrew Carnegie
small landholders are the most precious part of the state. – Thomas Jefferson
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Sango, Atan, Agbara Property Growth
This axis used to be a thick forest. The day Bishop Oyedepo was led to this axis to buy what is now known as Canaanland. He almost turned back along the road. A plot of land in that axis was NGN2000 in 1997 but now goes for NGN1 – 5million per plot depending on what and where you are buying.
Ikorodu Property Growth.
Ikorodu used to be water lake and swampy until the massive industrial development in that axis. A plot of Land was sold for NGN6000 to NGN25,000 in 1997 but now cost between NGN1 – 10million today. Ikorodu is the next big deal for the common man in Lagos as Eko Atlantic is not affordable for the average family. Massive land still exists in Ikorodu. Once the 4th Mainland bridge is constructed with 15-20munites drive you will be on the island from Ikorodu.
Lekki Real Estate Growth
Land in Lekki Phase 1 was sold for NGN50,000 per plot in 1997.
Many missed out because they lack the vision to foresee development on the axis. Some complained that Lekki was swampy so they didn’t invest.
Fast forward to 2017, same land is selling for NGN100,000,000 per plot.
Another opportunity opens in the “New Lagos” Ibeju-Lekki.
With over $20 billion investment by local and International conglomerates this axis is about to witness the biggest development so far in the history of our Nation Nigeria.
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White House Estate, Atan, Ogun State
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Sapphire Estate, Agric, Ikorodu,Lagos State.
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