From Selling PopCorn To Global Entrepreneur and Speaker

I will never forget the day I was selling popcorn in Redeem Camp and a pastor friend whom we both pastor a student fellowship on campus saw me and immediately turn back to prevent coming to my stand where I was shouting ; ” Buy Pop Corn,Buy Pop Corn” A similar incident also happen in Daystar Mega Conference some years ago. There is dignity in Labour! I did those jobs with joy because I knew it’s a phase I must go through but that I will not remain at this level for life.
Today I want to share with you what you need to do when you have found your calling but nothing around you looks like it and almost the whole world is mocking you;
1) Get Motivational tapes loaded into your phone or MP3. Once you feel discouraged. Start listening to the audio or video tapes that boast your self esteem.
2)Brainwash yourself from the Hammer,money blow and 30Billion in my account mentality. Things takes time. There are many unrealistic expectations in the air and people are not ready to work hard for it. I don’t have issue with you desiring 30billion, can you work for the 30billion or you just feel you will do small work and billions come. Convince yourself that anything of value takes time.
3)People Equal Money. Anytime you are thinking making money, think people to partner with for the purpose of OPM and OPT ; Other People Money and Other People Time. It is childish to think you can make money without partnership and without leveraging on network.
4) Clarity of Vision and not provision is what you need to starts,sustain and expand a enterprise . People ask questions like, I need money to start business. Instead of; how do I clarify my vision, how do I put it on paper and make it plain. Make it detail in financial analysis and structure.May your story turnaround for greatness!

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Good bless You And have a great day ahead !

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