Speech Decency, Client Acquisition, Customer Care and Telemarketing

Good day, the Internet business landscape in Nigeria is already worth more than $25billon dollars; that’s because you or any business can achieve ten times more than they can achieve, reach more clients and customers far more than you can imagine, compared to working without engaging the Internet.

You may be shocked one day to see Coca-cola asking people to book for bottles of chilled coke and have them delivered to people’s doorsteps.

This means: You can sell 10,000 copies of a book, an app, a product online in 10 minutes 100 times lesser than the cost and hassles it takes to attract and retain customers in real time marketing.

Now, sincerely, do you know how to attract clients to your business by simply learning how to use your android phone better and putting social media platforms to better use?

The secret is in four basic steps put together:

1. How decent, motivating and converting is your speech (especially in video format)? In case you don’t know, telemarketing sales make more returns than open sales and sales letters.

2. Do you know about Client Optimization; a simple secret to attracting, expand and retain clients online and offline in any business, even MLM?

3. What about Client Care? Just as real time customers, online customer care guarantees more than 150% return customers and a whopping 250% sales referral and profit value. What this means is this: when those who buy from you ask others to buy from you, you know what that means?

4. Telemarketing has a 99% sales conversion power. That’s because what people hear and see convinces and converts faster than any other sales means.

Next week, at the SME house: 51/52 Ijaye Road,Ogba Bus Stop,Lagos, you will have an opportunity of learning these four critical marketing business tools greater real time and online profit.
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