Teachers: The Nation Builders!

October 5th was the official day that we celebrated our teachers as nation builders. But I tell you it is not a one day thing it is something that should be done always. It has been observed that when people are appreciated more they perform more and give their best thus; today I have decided to share with you why I take my trainings serious and why teachers should take their work serious. Teaching as a profession is seen as a noble profession but what I discovered is that the people in this profession do not represent it as a noble one because they feel they are not being paid enough. This is what I call ignorant! Until you know the worth of what you are into you may not fly distance with it. I am what I am today because I have invested time to discover my value; so I know that I matter to this generation.

For a profession to be called a proud and noble profession, it must exhibit such to its environment. Here is my advice to our beloved teachers as they move ahead in the business of impacting knowledge. See yourself as a solution provider and a nation builder, don’t envy other professions; love what you do if you want to make name. Until you love what you do you cannot be successful in it! It is a law and over time, I have seen people that love what they succeed just as I am succeeding in what I am doing. Henry Brooks Adams said Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops. This is the major reasons I will not stop training people because what you the impact you make in people’s life today will speak tomorrow!

Lastly Ken Blanchard said “Your role as a leader is even more important than you might imagine. You have the power to help people become winners.” Keep doing that thing you know how to do well and in due time it will speak! Thank you for reading and sharing. Follow me in all my social media platforms


Stephen Akintayo,


Stephen Akintayo,


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