Yesterday at Ford Foundation, Banana Island Lagos-State.
CAYE workshop and a Roundtable where I Spoke on Innovative Youth Entrepreneurship. I share my enterprenueral story of how you shouldn’t expect the road to be easy but wish to be tougher with Entrepreneurs from Ghana,Sierra Leone, Kenya,Cameroon, Nigeria. The businesses challenges are same across Africa and young people need to stand up and be victors and not victims.It was organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat. I latter moved to Beat FM & was hosted to rest at Eko Hotel&Suits which wasn’t a bad place to spend the night 😀😀😀👌👌👌. I have always shared that success is sweet when you have worked hard&smart for where you are today.Awesome and fulfilled day giving value. CAYE continue till Thursday. The webinar of yesterday couldn’t hold due to that however the Good News is that it will hold Friday by 2pm hence visit to be part of the webinar on how to generate traffic for your bulksms business. And remember that SWITCH CONFERENCE Oriental Hotel is This Saturday by 7am register at

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