The Exagerrated curruption brand America media and government gave Nigeria and we now call ourselves. My experience with US Immegration.

If you follow the recent election theatre in the united state of America some rough facts have been exposed by the GOP contender Donald Trump a fact that is not new to me but obviously new to a lot of Nigerians who keep labeling their leaders as the most corrupt and these phenomenon has label not just the country as corrupt but even the mere citing of the green passport at some International airport races a red flag of Liers,thief and terrorist have come kind of look. I had a terrible experience few weeks back at the Atlanta international airport where after stating my reason for visiting the United States which was for a summit at the world bank. The officer wasn’t satisfied and sent me to another office where I was subjected to another set of questions.Suddenly,it dawn on me that if am not careful I will be sent back and my flight and money wasted.

While waiting for round 3 set of questions. The anger in Me made me to stand up and walk up to the officer and ask him,why all these questions. I need an answer. And he took it personal,”are you saying I don’t have the right to ask these questions?” My response was,you do, but not these much. And he said a lot of you Nigerians are Liers, you tell half truth and half lies. I said to him I am an exception. Google my name. And he said am not talking about social media stuff ,anyone can put anything on social media. I replied; am not talking of social media but books on Amazon I have written. Newspaper interview etc. He checked and haven seen my books on Amazon, he started retracing his earlier comments. Am sure there are a lot of great people in Nigeria and you are certainly one of them but we meet a lot of Nigerians here daily who come here for all sorts of things and lie about their motive.

Is it true that we have Nigerians who lie about their purpose for visiting the united state and actually become illegal immigrants? Yes we have a lot in the same way we have Americans who lie and come for different motive and we don’t even get to deport them. I have met a lot of Americans like that who are illegal immigrants in Nigeria. Has these made our Men at the immigration suspect every American’s and call them names? No!

Donald Trump narrated to Fox News how as a business man he donates a lot of money to presidential candidates from all the parties just to gain access to the government when he need things to go his way inform of winning contracts and other favors. Is that not corruption? I call it corruption with paper works and strong institutional backing. The whole lobbyers scheme can be called legal but we all know the abusive side of it and how it help breed corruption even in the same country that keep preaching anti corruption day and night.We must wake up in this country. I lost a 350million Naira reality TV show in 2008 because I refused to give 2million Naira bribe to the final signature to secure the deal with a telecom giant and these are days when I couldn’t boast of 50,000naira in my account.

Am saying this so that you know how much I distaste corruption. However,I think government such as that of the United States wants to keep Africa under them with these so called “corruption” label so as to stop investment. I was chatting with some investors at the world bank head office in Washington DC and discovered that some whose services are highly needed in Africa are not even considering coming to Africa just base on what they read and watch in the news. This is not fair. I consider it racism at the highest point. We must speak out against these type of discrimination by the western world. If I were not socially stable to show books I have written,is that how I would have been sent back to Nigeria despite the fact that I have a valid visa that allow me come to America? How many people have fallen victim of things like these?

I must say at these point that Nigerians should start saying the good about our systems too not everything about Nigeria is bad.Stop joining them all the time to share negative news about these country . Am attaching a video to these article please watch it. You will see that these name calling by western media didn’t start today.Let us rise up and share good things that this nation stand for and represent. Don’t go to U.S. Or UK and sleep there. It is not your father’s land.Stand for
what is good. When we hear your name,let it bring glory to Nigeria. Friends it is not from abroad but from above. A lizard in Nigeria can’t be an alligator in U.S.A the respect I get in Nigeria is the same I get any where else in the world because I have built my life to a level that I can stand tall and proud anywhere in the world.

I am expanding our business across the world but can never totally relocate any country because no place like Nigeria. So much opportunity. If I were to have been in America,I would have grown this big and this fast. Let It be known clean and clear I can’t stay 1 day longer in any country than plan because I even struggle with the food and wheather.No place like home.Nigeria is a virgin land. It’s okay to go study abroad,vacation and do business but never okay to go become a second class citizen. If you have American citizenship,fine! but don’t go and be doing things you can’t do with pride here in Nigeria. I love these country. I remain an ambassador for Nigeria. I hope you are too. God bless you and God bless federal republic of Nigeria.

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