The Oyedepo I Know That Most People Don’t Know


Many have asked me why I am an Oyedepo Addict? My answer is simple,If you knew where I coming from,you will know that Oyedepo has affected me tremendously. Even My Biological father who use to mock Me then can now see as a result of My testimony that I made the right choice to follow this man because who you follow determines what follow you.Many who mocked Me for following Oyedepo then are now stronger Oyedepo addicts today. The truth is the truth and no matter how long lies go forth,truth will come out one day. The meekest man I have ever known is Bishop Oyedepo. Forget the aggressive Preacher you see on the pulpit. No man more simple and down to earth like Papa. No man more emotional and passionate about his fellow human like papa. I have seen papa cry many times and in all of those times it was as a result of testimonies that validated his calling. Funny enough I never saw him cry at times when I thought he should. I have seen his Wife; MAMA being carried to church when she was challenged in her health and yet he was speaking ferociously that” if you leave this service sick it’s your fault. God has made you whole”.On the spot the blind saw and the lame who came with wheel chair walked as the word of God was going on. This Great man of God loves God exceptionally and love humanity like no other man I have ever met.he once said; ” Every Rivival without social transformation is a waste of time” since am not call into pulpit ministry,I have decided many years ago to help birth the social transformation birth of the mandate while great preachers like him focus on the Rivival aspect.


I was a sickly person when I came to know this man through a Winner Chapel Church. Every month I use to have malaria or typhoid then but today am one of the most healthy human being you can ever meet. I used to be called a doll boy and sluggish,That story has changed. Today I can boldly say I have the mind of an angel.Now am awarded by several reputable organization for my own contribution to make Nigeria a great Nation and am never surprise because like father like son. I cannot count how many things I have benefited by being associated with Bishop Oyedepo. My case is like that of lot in the Bible.As long as I follow, all that my own Abraham enjoy, I equally enjoy. This man testimony saved me the day I would have been robbed and probably shot dead with a gun. And once I remember his testimonies with robbers, I challenge the robber trying to assault me to shot me and he ran away. The righteous shall be as brave as a lion.

Today, I am celebrated all over the world for my little contributions and it’s simply because I follow my spiritual father. The son of a giant cannever be a duaf . All my testimony today is simply a product of my source and I give God all the glory.

Perhaps his crime with Media Men is that he doesn’t do PR. He’s not interested! And he doesn’t need to do PR when even the blind can see the impact of his Mandate not only in Nigeria but all over the whole. I am an ordain pastor in Winners and have travel to other countries and worship at the Winners Chapel there and am amaze that in some of those cities, Winners Chapel is the biggest. I even come out as a first timer because it’s a whole new world in those places.And the impact of the church in those country is as effective and vibrant as we are seeing in Nigeria.

This man has singularly revolutionize educational system in Nigeria with Covenant University. Those who claim CU was more expensive then can see that other private universities have come and today covenant university is the best but the cheapest private university in Nigeria. Go and do your findings.
This is my conclusion, Your destiny will be challenge particularly if you are a trial blazer and a pacesetter and the decision is left to you wether you will let what people are saying stop you or you will move on and fulfill destiny. This year my younger brother graduated from LandMark University also founder by Bishop Oyedepo.He was schooled free of charge. Himself and over 300 in his set got 100% scholarship worth 4.5Million Naira each.The testimony is endless really.
Today is My father in Faith’s Birthday, Bishop Olaniyi Oyedepo.I Can’t even believe that he’s just 61. His result is far taller than his age. Happy Birthday Sir and I look forward to many more decade of impact from you. I look forward to attended communion service when you will be 85years and you will still be the preacher and lead communion. Look forward to attended your 110 Birthday. On behave of the entire Winners Chapel Family Worldwide with You ,Mama and your children happy Birthday celebrations.

Pst Stephen Akintayo
Member LFC Ota.


  1. Your message..i have witness that GOD has always manifest himself in papa’s ministry no matter where you are.just believe in him and you will recieve and surely give testimony!

  2. I devoted a whole lotta my time reading through ur write-up; nice one I must say! Bishop Oyedepo is one man I hold in high regard, but I must flaw ur write-up for one major reason – inasmuch as u categorically mentioned ur various gains (material, health-wise, etc.) while working with Papa, u never cared to mention how much he has fed the flock (with the gospel of Christ which is the ultimate). Could that be a testament to claims by many that Papa barely pays attention to the spiritual needs of his flock and saving them from hell, but prefers to rain down showers of blessings? A wealthy man who dies without Christ, is simply hell-bound, remember? You stated that while serving under Papa, u’ve gained divine health, ur children secured scholarship, and then, numerical increase in ministry, but u never made any such reference to how many souls have been saved from the shackles of hell, sin and Satan through Oyedepo’s ministry. I strongly believe the gospel of salvation should supercede any other teaching, including teachings on prosperity, faith, divine health, etc….afterall the bible says: ‘Seek ye first, the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and every other thing shall be added unto you.’

    1. It is unfortunate that many people don’t look deeply at issues. Even if you feel that the writer did not talk about the souls saved , is it not glaring enough that it is the Word of God that has brought about the healing , divine health that the writer is talking about.the claim that onet oyedepo does not pay attention to the spiritual needs of the flock is myopic and leaves wondering what many so called Christians want.the man is an embodiment of the Matt 6:33 you referenced.don’t pick holes in people’s testimonies for the sake of trying to feel intelligent.

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