The Poverty Mind Set and The Linda Ikeji Mansion Purchase


Linda Ikeji Mansion

Let me start by saying I have never met Linda Ikeji one on one. Though, I have been hearing about her blog, I visited it for the first time when Google pulled it down. It was everywhere on social media. Again, few days ago social media had a new song and behold it’s about Linda ikeji’s 400-600Million Mansion (We have conflicting figures). Out of curiosity today I checked her name on Instagram as I knew that’s where the picture of the mansion will be and behold; a white beautiful home. I was really captivated by the beauty of this house that I almost spoke in tongues. But this article is not about describing Linda Ikeji’s new home, by the way, the tablet was bigger than my current office conference room. Should I talk about the bed room space ? Ha! Well back to the main story. Sorry for digressing. I have a question for poverty stricken individuals who refuse to do anything about their poor state; Why speak evil of the reward of diligence? Scripture has said the hands of the diligent shall be made fat. This lady blog for 3years and didn’t make 1kobo but continued to blog even on the hospital bed and now you are angry at the reward of hard work.

If you choose to be lazy and you are poor, it is absolutely your fault. The worst is the fact that we fail to realize that this generation needs more people like Linda ikeji who is a testimony to the fact that you don’t need to steal government money to live in a mansion. Young persons who work hard legitimately online who are not doing yahoo yahoo can become very rich.You should  just study what she is doing and duplicate it and get you will same result? Someone else has done the hard work of being the first in that field. You too can make research and learn about blogging and soon you will be making 53million monthly like she is making.

I personally hate people who are unconsciously ignorant. I resent those who are consciously ignorant because they stand a chance of doing something about their ignorance but they don’t. Imagine, some people didn’t even know that you can make a lot for money from blogging and they decided to accuse her of dating sugar daddy that bought her Mansion. Some even mocked her of not being married. Do you now see why all we say is, don’t move our corrupt politicians because they believe that even when you are doing legitimate business,we have some foolish people who have decided that they don’t want to be rich and that their generations is not destined for prosperity and these set of people have decided to always attack the blessed.

Well, the Good news is that Linda’s prosperity just started and enemies should watch out because more is coming for her and all those who choose to work hard online to make legal money by offering products and services that impact on the society. Am glad to inform those who just started their online business that better days are here. Do not despise the days of little beginning because God will soon bless your hustle and the whole world will celebrate God with you. Congratulations to Linda ikeji. Keep it up lady and look forward to your wedding I heard it is coming soon. is a business, Relationship and tech blog and am hosting a big competition to where I am giving a lucky winner 100,000naira cash plus online blog, Mentorship session worth 500,000naira and opportunity to be a weekly columnist on my blog . The Assignment is simple!

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  1. I love this. Nigerians need to let go of the poverty mindset and the pull him/her down syndrome. They attacked her when she bought her infinity jeep back then. Truth is, you cannot become what you despise. If you despise success, you will NEVER attract it to you! May God bless Linda Ikejis struggle. She has paid the price, and now its her time to reap. Very inspirational success story for us all! Nigerians should wake up and realize there are so many avenues to making money, and grab them, and stop wasting time.

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