Why I Rejected Globacom 350Million Naira Deal 2008; My 8th Year Business Anniversary Gifts.

stephen akintayo

Why I Rejected  Globacom 350Million Naira Deal 2008;My 8Year Business Anniversary Gifts.

The Secret of Men is in their stories!

2008 is a year I will never forget in my Life forever. I had spent over 4Years On Campus but not close to finishing school due to many factors associated to attending State University in Nigeria. I did something unusual. I graduated Myself. Earlier in 2005 A great Man by the name Fela Durotoye spoke at an event organize by my friend Theophilous CONNERSTONE and Mr Fela shared a lot of things about what Nigeria can become if individuals like me will take steps.
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Before 2008,I had tried several online and offline businesses that worked partially. But this time around I was ready to birth a dream that will change the world. Guess what it was? A reality TV show for Orphans. For me this was the biggest project ever! I partnered a young man who had connections through his friends in globacom. The next partnership needed was proposal. I was introduce to a friends older brother who is a chartered accountant and he drafted the best proposal I ever saw as at that time.
My Job was the brilliant idea. Partner A job was to get Glo sponsorship and Partner B job was to Draft proposal. Partner A did his job so well,He met Adenuga one on one through his tenacity and guess what? Adenuga Approved the brilliant Proposal Partner B put together. By the time partner A got back to me, We were so joyful as if,350Million Cash was in our hands.
Few weeks latter the proposal has gotten to the final stage and needed 1Signature. Just one. As a matter of fact, 350Million proposal has been padded to 580Million. You see that padding isn’t just a federal government matter but a strong issue in the private sector.Our project got speed because of our inside friends. We had a small project then on campus that Glo send Tshirts and Caps and Cash that we never received. But I didn’t bother because my 350 Million Breakthrough was around the Conner.lol!
Let me say here that,life is full of many ups and downs but victorious for a man that will never give up!
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Well to cut the long story short, The last Signature needed a Bribe of 2Million Naira to sign. My two partners met him and appealed to him that it was a project for Orphans and that we don’t mind giving him the two Million out of our royalty fee when we access the funds as a gift for his cooperation. He said “NO!” That he just did that for a company whose program was reigning them being sponsored by Glo and that they never gave him anything after he sign for their money to be released. My partners then came up with an idea, this is a sealed deal just waiting for this mans’ signature. Why not let’s split the 2million into 3 and we raise it and give the wicked Man.
For some reason I can’t understand; My “SU” kick in. I told them I can’t give a bribe. I can gladly give him that amount after deal is done,because technically,that can be said not to be a bribe since I have the power to give him or not. But anything you give someone to affect his decision is bribe to me and my “SU” DNA just can’t do it. One of those partners ended communication with me for that issue. He just didn’t get why I will call it a bribe and that I wasn’t interested. It sounded like a Mad man’s decision. Well,I look back 8years now and I have no regret. Why? 350Million was the shortest cut for me. Check how many reality TV Show ideas never saw season two tankless of becoming an exported content replicated across the globe? We are coming! God took me through the long cut which is the best cut. When you gain experience before money,the money last longer and that’s why,never do a business that doesn’t come with mentorship and opportunity to gain much experience because the experience is more important                                                                              than the money. You will still end up with great ideas that will change your life forever but You need experience. I have no regret not just because I did the right think base on my personal believes but also because the idea has since been better developed for global market and skills are being acquired for global lunch in 2017. God willing! It may take time but you will never be denied once you stay with God.

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