Why you must do less to Get More

Waking up, going to work and coming back to sleep in this part of the world comes at a price above the best of our plans.

Sometimes it takes more than prayers to get some things done. And while we struggle, we would wish a whole lot is done within short available time. A man would wish he has the wherewithal to do all his daily task within seconds, thinking about the stress he would have to go through to have each of them accomplished.

He wakes up every day and tries to bite more than he can actually chew. Like every other person, he is willing to do more than his abilities can carry and before long he is spent.

Sometimes we are stuck in-between if and when and we just wish a moment would pass. We wish we could have the prowess to get all things done at the flick of a finger.

We would wish we make all the money in a day, have our goals accomplished in a day. Eat all we could eat at a time and then have free days to ourselves.

While we think about these, we leave behind their consequences. We forget so soon that the more we overuse our body systems, the quicker they get worn out and the earlier we die.

You must remember that no matter how experienced and knowledgeable you are, you can never do all the things that make their ways into your to-do list.

Before we continue, let me share this story with you:

A man was once presented a bowl filled with stones, gravels, pebbles and sand. He was then given a smaller bowl to empty its content into.

As a sensible man, it is not uncommon to see this as impossible right?

And how would you really do that? Look at what the man did:

He first poured in the stones, since they are the biggest of all. Doing this will leave spaces for other materials to come in.

Secondly, he poured in the gravels, which are of sizes smaller than the stones, shook the bowl and they were all rightly placed, filling some spaces left by the stones.

Again, he poured in the pebbles, which were of smaller sizes to the gravels, and shook it likewise; they filled the empty spaces left by the Stones and the gravels.

Lastly, he poured the sand which now filled the empty spaces left by the Stones, the gravels, and the pebbles. The bowl was filled as demanded, and he won.

He would have failed had he poured everything in the given bowl. He would have wasted both his energy and time.

If we would ever succeed as a man or a woman, we are to follow this man’s footstep.

We are to know that doing little – doing the right thing at the right time – can actually save us of impending mess. We will be happy we had followed simple steps in the end.

We must know that practicing 19hours in a day for months is not the prerequisite to winning a 400metre race with Bolt, like spending all your life on a golf field is not enough to be better than Tiger woods.

You just have to learn to do your very best at a time, no matter how little and watch as you grow. But… don’t be lazy!

You see, Leo Babauta was right when he said most of us have the tendency to do as much as we possibly can, but doing less might be better. I agree wholly to this assertion.

So, you want to have all the money in the whole world, want to lose weight or change a habit; or you just want to be better at anything?

Setting your priorities right is the easy way.

Do little at a time and make sure you are doing the right thing – the right little.

And what if you fail? Just try again, knowing that winners don’t quit; quitters never win.

Thanks for your time. Share for others to learn.


By Olalekan Adebumiti

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