From the first Series On some basic tips you need to know on affiliate marketing, Here are more tips you could learn from.


This doesnt have to be a complicated process at all. Making money online via affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways online.

In this manual, you will be exposed to simplify affiliate marketing with practical techniques that you can actually adopt to make promoting your product a success.

Now let us take a look at some important steps you need to know one after the other.

Choose a Subject

First and foremost, you should try to pinpoint a subject that you have a passion for. That way, it is with ease that you will be able to write about something that you are actually interested in. Imagine choosing to write about cooking when you dont even like cooking? How will you fare in such a venture? Without the love and the passion for your subject matter, it will never be able to push it to its full potential. Also, youll easily get bored with it. And once you get bored, it becomes hard work maintaining your business online.

Endeavour to find a subject matter that you love and also very passionate about, or at the very least, a topic that you like. There are many fields that one can focus on. You like animals? Maybe you can consider the broader subject of pets, or picking a more specific breed of an animal. Or better still, focus on a more particular branch, like animal health or care.

Your choice of market will depend on a couple of factors which include:

How well you know the said market? Passion will bring you a lot of benefits, so might as well choose a market that you are passionate about from the very beginning.

How interested are you in the said market? Knowledge is an ongoing commitment. You have to constantly keep yourself updated so as not to get left behind with the latest trends and tactics in your industry. Might as well choose a market that you are interested in, to make the constant search for knowledge more enjoyable and fulfilling.

What is the outlook for the said market? Naturally, you wouldnt want to focus on a dying market, where the products you are trying to sell for example have saturated the digital market. You will want to look for a hungry market, one which will be able to sustain profitability for a long time. This brings us to the next question

How big is the demand of the said market? This is the first component of economic success which states that demand should be high.

What is the size of the competition in the said market? This is the second component of economic success where it is expected that supply should be low.

E-training on Affiliate marketing
E-training on Affiliate marketing

High Demand + Low supply = Profitable market

This is the ONE FORMULA you should remember whenever you are ready to choose a market. Its the basic rule of economic success. Its the secret of so many high-profit businesses right from time immemorial up until now.

There are many online tools that you can use to determine the variables at play with the formula above. There are websites you can visit to determine the demand of the said subject you want to discuss about.

Type in a subject you have in mind. You will then be taken to a page where a number of keywords and key phrases are suggested, together with the number of times they have been searched for in the search engines. You will want to choose subjects with high numbers of searches. Now, finding a sub-topic that commands many searches is not enough. You need to determine how many websites are catering to it, since youll be operating on the Internet. Run a search of the sub- topic at www.google.com. Look at the number of web pages that appear, as indicated on the top area of the results page.

If the subject commands 1,000,000 searches per month and there are 2,000,000 websites catering to it, then the supply outweighs the demand and the chances of succeeding as an affiliate in such a field will be slimmer.

But if the subject commands 1,000,000 searches per month and there are only 2,000 websites catering to it, then you have for yourself a goldmine!

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