Exposition From An Insider

Excerpt From Today’s Staff Meeting With the MD GText Global

Stephen Akintayo stated the following at one of his general meeting which often turn out to be another training session

First Leadership! The first test of leadership is discipline, he emphasized the need to lead one’s self. You can say youre a leader without vision; you must give people a sense of direction. If you can lead yourself, people that others are running after will look for you.

The reason Africans dont lead globally is as a result of mental laziness. We can do every physical labour and activity but cant do much thinking. Reduce your emphasis on physical work and focus more on thinking and how to do things better.

You dont get carried away with the accolade, you keep upgrading your thinking faculty.

Second, experience!! What have you done before? Nobody wants you to experiment with them. Your antecedent is what gives you credibility. What is your antecedent? This office is an opportunity to build your profile.

Dont ever underrate the power of antecedent. Understudy your antecedent. When you have a better perspective your approach will change. The problem is that we are not that grounded before we jump out. Get the exposure, get the antecedent and profile.

Third, Build capacity! Whenever you feel your body is weak, dont give in rather stretch. You control your body, you dont let your body control you. You must have the willingness to expand. Everyone who achieved greatness had to stretch beyond their comfort zone. You dont need to be the smartest, just be the one willing to stretch the most. You dont give up early. Your consistency ratio as young people is Zero.

Opportunity comes without announcement; it comes in work clothes. The day an opportunity will come, your inconsistency can make you miss out on it or great deals. We must build stamina for consistency. You cant stay in marriage if youre not consistent. Build capacity to be consistent at what you do. Cherish the opportunity that Im giving you feedback. Our greatest problem as young people is consistency, we quickly jump into things and jump out.

The grass is not greener on the other side, its just a mentality/perception. Stay there, it will still work if you make it work. Its not money that makes you shine, its the brain.

The first thing youre learning here is character and culture.

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