From grass to Grace. Bisi Akintayo

From Grass to Grace

Now I can smile and laugh!!!

Years ago it was not funny. It was all gloomy, I could not smile nor laugh.

I got married 6 years ago without a silver spoon.
My wedding was not a flamboyant one, it was very low key, just a few family members and friends. Two days after the wedding, we could barely eat, no food in the house. I remember at the time, the financial challenges as a newlywed, was overwhelming.

Few Months after our Wedding, my Husband lost his office and had to work from home. We were harassed left and right due to indebtedness, the people who lent us money, troubled us almost every day, Rent was due, I could not even afford 300 naira Antenal fee. Everything looked like it wasn’t working.

I remember telling my Husband that I will not be 2 left leg wife ( Yoruba will say iyawo elese osi meji) I remember him shouting at the top of his voice that I should never say such again and the Yoruba Movies I watched then was a reason I spoke that way. Trust me that marked the end of watching Yoruba Movies in my Home.

I was heavily pregnant and due to deliver when I heard of a trade fair holding at Covenant University and decided to go sell food there.
I believed I would be able to raise funds to buy baby items because I had not even bought one baby item. So I borrowed some money and went for the trade fair.
I employed 2 people to work with me but it was not funny. One of them was so lazy, that I had to take up the work myself (If you have sold food consecutively in a fair for days you will understand me better)

Alas on the last day of the trade fair, I had some contraction while walking home, Immediately I paused (after trekking almost 3 miles), I burst into tears.

With the days I had to stay without food as a pregnant woman, or even money to get my Antenatal drugs. I get amused when people say to me I have always had it all.

My little boy finally arrived, as any mother would know, It was not easy raising him. There were days I had to use close diapers because I had no diaper. Even my inexperience on how to use then would make people mock me, I couldn’t care less.

I recall when it was time for my son to start school we did not have enough for his fees. Luckily, there was a bursary in my Church for kids.
I asked my Husband if I can get the bursary and he asked me a question ‘ Do you think God can not provide the money for his fees? There are more people who need it than we do let them have it’. I obeyed him and God supernaturally provided the funds needed.

Suddenly, the story began to change for my Husband, God started to Open doors and the family began to increase in number.
I had so many plans and aspiration if I began to receive 50k as Monthly upkeep. But as the family grew bigger, 50k was insufficient. I couldn’t sustain the home with that amount, so I asked my hubby for increment, he did, but we kept growing and it was not enough as there were a lot of bills. Food alone would eat up a large chunk of the money.

I knew I had to do something because I couldn’t afford to be waiting for my Husband all the time.

Luckily for me, Mr. Stephen Akintayo was having a training in his office on Mini Importation, I subscribed for it. With my fingers crossed and being so eager to make it. I went for more training online and within a short period, I started importing.

I lost money along the way because I did not have a Mentor but I had to get one for myself. Over the years my Status has changed from a woman who could not afford a diaper of 50 naira for her little boy to a woman who could afford to go on a Vacation in US and Dubai and enjoy her life like she has always envisaged.

It is inconsequential of what you are going through right now. There is always a way out.

Mini Importation was my way out, What is yours?
I am enjoying what I do today.


I have coached over 300 people on Importation Business and I am willing and ready to coach you as well.
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I am born to train and I am born to Reign

Bisi Akintayo (Amazon of Mini Importation)

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