Free Report 1: How You Can Become the 7 Figure Information Marketer

How I Made Over $100,000 in 2017 from Information Marketing and How You Can Become the 7 Figure Information Marketer

Ever wondered how books or video or audiobecome best-selling? Did you know that best-selling information marketers can make 7-figures? In 2017 alone I made over $100,000 (over ₦36Million). This year, I am projecting $1Million – $2Million. I started this 8-days marketers cruise, where I met guys making $100Million annually from information marketing, so I knew I had to increase my own target this year, and you too can easily join this 7-figure club of information marketers.

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What is Information Marketing?

Information marketing is simply the business of creating, promoting and selling information products. After creating an e-book, video or audio course, or another kind of e-course, you can resell it again and again. DVDs, workshops and traditionally published books also fall under the information marketing banner.And not just any kind of book, but a Best-Selling book.

How I Made Over $100,000 in 2017 from Information Marketing

After spending the past few decades speaking all over the world, there is one universal tool that helps get me into rooms and on stages more than anything else. What is it you ask? Its just Information (Oro in Yoruba dialects).

The credibility you get from writing a Best-Selling information product is massive.

In 2017, I made over $100,000 from selling information like books, workshop videos, unlike anything else.

You can also do it to try and boost your career, whether you want to speak all over the world as I have, or if you simply want to get in front of your clients and prospects at a local event.


How to Become a 7-Figure Information Marketer

Let me quickly share 3 tips on how to become a 7-figure information marketer with you.

  1. Get a Niche: Until I focused on a niche (How to Make Money Online) I never made it in this business. We have a popular saying; The Money is in the niches.
  2. Create a Product: on the niche based on what the market want and not what you feel people need. People dont always buy their need, they buy their WANT. So let them tell you what they want and then mix it with their need and you will make ALOT OF MONEY.
  3. Multiply the Product: I do one seminar, I turn it to:
  • Book(s)
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Coaching
  • And very soon toE-learning

Can you see how to get 4 by-products from one and make money from them all? How interesting is all of these guys!

Again, how many want to make more money and at the same time build great career through Information Marketing?


Become a 7-Figure Information Marketer Today

I can help you start this business today and not tomorrow! Are you ready?


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