Landlord Make Money While Sleeping

I visited silicon valley and to My surprise all the tech giants had massive real estate properties. I was very shocked at how massive it was. Google Campus was so massive i got lost in the process of visiting the exact location I wanted to visit in the campus.
2015 was the best year in my Digital Marketing career up till then hence I wanted to see what next. AFTER What I say, I knew I had to take real estate serious.
Landlord make money while Sleeping but tenant earn salary Monthly so as to pay their landlord.I Started real Estate 2008 by Marketing for existing real estate company. By 2012 I venture into online sales of landed property and that was a game changer and 2015 I venture into property development after seeing Silicon Valley exploit and that I could mix tech and Property together.
White House Estate Allocation Today:
 White House Estate is about 15 mins drive to and from CANAAN LAND (FAITH TABERNACLE, a 50,000+ capacity Church auditorium and Covenant University.
 The neighbouring environment is developed and already inhabited by people with commercial activities in place.
 It is free from any Government Acquisition and Omo-Onile wahala
Outright payment: 1.5M
3 months: 1.5M
12 months: 2.04M
30 months: 2.52M
REAL ESTATE Business MasterClass holding Thursday 24th May 2018 10am at Gtext Hub, 51/52 Ijaiye Road,Ogba Bus Stop,Lagos.

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