One-on-one Coaching Per Hour With Stephen Akintayo

One-on-one Coaching Per Hour With Stephen Akintayo

Poor People have poor mentality

Poor People Have Limiting Beliefs About Life and Money

Poor People Set Impotent Goals

Poor People Choose Bad Mentors. They often lack a financial coach!

Poor People Are Controlled by Fear

Poor People Try to Reinvent the Wheel

Poor People Are Uncomfortable with Words Like “Sales,” Marketing,” and “Persuasion”

Poor People Slave Away for a Paycheck

Determine not to be poor or remain poor today. You can become successful at whatever you do. Follow the paths of successful people.

In my 10 years as a Personal Finance Coach, I am yet to have a student who did my full coaching program and didn’t make over $100,000 per annum.

For those who cannot afford my coaching program at $3,000USD, here is a different coaching package where you gain…

  1. Financial Intelligence: How to managing your finances effectively especially in business or as an entrepreneur
  2. Financial Productivity Assessment: Return on Investment
  3. Consultation: on Multiple Streams of Income/Internet Businesses you can do

With just a token Fee of #20,000 per hour instead of #150,000, you can access a one-on-one coaching with Stephen Akintayo either online or offline. Just book an appointment now via mail to

Pay into GTBank: 0241217523 Stephen Akintayo Company

Text payment details to +2348188111999 or email

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