Plenty grammar without political capital is equal to political Suicide!

Northerners are master politicians. Imagine the two religious leaders #Atiku took to beg #Obasanjo to support him. Southerners are too busy speaking grammar on social media. Nigerians are not individualistic in decision making. That’s why even your wedding is managed by many forces.

Nigerians vote base on interest groups, religious groups, leaders strong personality and their body language. Instead of a lot of the young people to build alliances amongst themselves, it was scattered and there goes the loud and clear not too young to run.

The Saints and alternative to the corrupt parties stick to stories instead of partnering with people who have their own kind of values daily. We keep speaking English daily on social media. I must commend #Sowore. You will see him with Femi Falani, Seun and Femi Kuti, Soyinka etc. He understands how Nigerians think before they vote.

Tomorrow I will release my Article on why I am not contesting 2019 elections and why underrating the role of Money in politics is day dreaming. Watch out for that piece as I will launch a political movement that will use the next 4years to change the face of politics in this nation.

Southerners need to learn a lot about politics oooo. Go to the northern political school and learn. I was born in the northern political school, that’s why my reasoning is different politically. I told you guys Bukola extended the Resumption of the national assembly till after primary because he knew their will be civil war in #APC such that they will not be United enough to remove him. Was I not right at the end of the day? Atiku knows that if he can seize PDP structure Obasanjo will become helpless because any attempt to keep pushing for 3rd force will give Buhari an easy win.

From day 1 Obasanjo wasn’t planning a third force, he wanted his structure to produce the Vice president and He will get that easily from Atiku’s PDP. Saraki was never planning to win PDP primary nor become president in 2019. All he wants is Senate president slot. He only used to distract from not resuming senate. Guys!Buy Political Wisdom and Sell it Not. Southern Nigerians! Plenty grammar without political capital is equal to political Suicide!


Stephen Akintayo


Africans Most Sought After Personal Finance Coach

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