Praising God till Something Happen by Stephen Akintayo

Praising God till Something Happen by Stephen Akintayo

2012/2013 Our Business had some setbacks; indebted without borrowing as we where hit with massive refund and had to shutdown office operation and operated from home. The more i pray the harder things got, in farness to My Maker, most of my prayer content where complains. Telling God how I pay tithe and serve him and don’t deserve this. The light entered Me, We serve a God that Cannot be bully into doing what we want by complaining prayers. The only thing you can do to make him rise up in your defence and provoke His Mercy is Gratitude.

We were representing a University in Europe and they cancel our agreement and refuse to give admission to my clients millions in losses. In the mist of that I lost another 2.5million trying to run a magazine business etc. The more I prayed the more My problem increase. I returned to bible school that I had already done and was ordain a Pastor but went back again.
My Mentor told me to stop praying and start praising. It didn’t make sense but I tried it. Same Night I started Praise vigil 12am and Wow! The first Night an Idea that clear my Bill’s and opened up windows of heaven dawn on Me. This single Idea brought Me to fortune today. GOD stepped in and today we are 100% debt FREE. I pray same for anyone under the burden of debt in Jesus name, It is Cancelled In Jesus Name. But get your praise boot on and start praising GOD.

Praise God until something happens

The Picture of My Spiritual Mentor, Bishop Oyedepo greeting us after a Marathon Praise Session with him to thank God for successful Evangelism project. I remember when All Pastors where ask to gather to Praise God, The first thought was; ” We didn’t hit our Attendance target for that Year, why are we Giving God Olympics Praise as Bishop Called it”. Faith is praising God for who he is and what he has done even if they are not yet seen.

Award presentation to my spiritual Father. Bishop David Oyedepo

For Me, Praise is a lifestyle. I learnt it from Gods servant Bishop David Oyedepo and can’t stop. GOD is good to me all the time. Even when things seems not to have gone my way, I still praise him. Praise is not what you do when GOD HAS done something, it is what you do to provoke Gods hand to do something. In 2chronicles 20: 20 we saw how the only thing the children of Israel did to provoked God into action was Praise.
Same thing at the wall of Jericho. Praise is one of the most potent weapon to win the battles of life. My Prayer for you today is that all your enemies will be scattered as you invoke the weapon of Praise in your life. This Month, God will Canceled your debt and bring you into new realm of Wealth as you Praise Him In Jesus name. Welcome to The Praise Club! Say Amen and share with others.

Happy Sunday to You! How was Church today? I shared My thought with you, Kindly share what blessed you in church today with Me if you care to. Also Don’t Miss My last US even if you are in the DMV Area. And London is Next Week followed by Dubai. God bless you and Enjoy your rest. Remember to remain Joyful!


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