How To Start A Blog – Lesson 3

how to start a blog

Content-Specific Tips In Building a Blog

1. Know Thy Problem.

When planning your post in building a blog, be aware of what problem you plan to address in your writing, and of what solutions you will suggest to your readers. Writing a post about last-minute Christmas gift ideas? Offer procrastinating shoppers an invitation to shop your website and receive expedited shipping! Discussing tips for busy moms who want to keep their homes organized? Offer downloadable menu planners and shopping lists to get them started on the path to organization!

2. And Thy Audience.

Be aware of who you are targeting with your blog posts. Identify your customers by age, gender, stage of life, occupation whatever descriptors apply! Once you have a good understanding of who you are writing for, you can adjust your voice and style to best reach out to your targeted reader base.

3. Loosen Up.

The most important thing to remember about composing blog content is to enjoy yourself and have fun! Blog posts are a form of expression and can be a fantastic outlet for your creativity. Enjoy your journey as you experiment with different techniques and post types and figure out what works and doesnt work for your specific business blog!
Post Organization and Planning
1. Make a Plan.

Create a calendar of blog posts, taking time to plan out at least a week in advance which posts will run on your blog each day. Having a clear plan and direction about where your blog is headed each week can keep you on track and help you produce wellplanned, interesting content consistently.

2. Schedule in Advance.

In the same vein, look into the schedule ahead-posting features offered by your hosting platform. Many successful bloggers compose all of their posts for the week at the beginning of the week, and schedule them to post each day in consecutive order. Taking advantage of this feature can help you remember to post daily, consistent content that your readers will come to depend upon!


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Writing blog content is a task to which you should apply the highest of standards. When posting content to your business blog, you are putting your writing abilities and style on display for the entire world to see. The internet is readily accessible to readers and consumers worldwide, making it imperative that you take pride in the content you produce!

The tips outlined in this chapter provide a thorough map of how to develop well-written content, from the initial planning phases through the time you publish a post live on your blog! As you begin to compose and publish content, visits to your blog will increase, and you will begin to desire promote your business blog and generate more readers. In the next chapter, we will delve into blog traffic what it means, how to generate it, and when to get creative to bring in new readers!

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