How To Start A Blog – Lesson 4

How To Start A Blog

Promoting Your Blog: Generating Traffic to the Content Produced

What you do after you create your content is what truly counts. Gary Vaynerchuk, Author, Crush It!: Why NOW is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion

If content is the body of blog, traffic to the blog can be considered to be the blood, pumping and running through the publication and cycling readers through the content on a consistent basis. There are more ways to generate traffic to your business blog than can be counted from promoting your site through social media platforms to offline marketing and advertising and beyond.

The bottom line is this the more readers you manage to pull through your blog, the more buzz your blog generates. The more readers who are buzzing about your blog content, the more other readers will hear about your blog and want to check it out. The more readers you acquire the more customers you gain!

Blog traffic is important and is vital to the success of your blog. There are tips and tricks that are considered to be traditional ways of boosting traffic, and those that are more unconventional and creative. Below we will examine both types of methods for generating traffic. Choose a few from each category to start with, and as your readership continues to grow, refer back to this list and add others!

Traditional Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic

1. Good Content. Its a simple fact that readers will not waste their time on content that is poorly written, uninteresting or overly wordy. Experts say that a successful blog is made up of 90% content and 10% everything else. When you write, do it well.

2. Branding. Use your blogs name constantly. In social media posts, on written documents, in message board discussions anywhere you can. The more people see your blogs name, the more readily it will come to mind when theyre seeking information specifically related to your field of business.

3. Dont Over-Sell. Its important to be concise in all forms of content writing and blog promotion. Overly-wordy posts in internet forums, on social media sites, or on your blog itself quickly bore readers and will cause them to stop returning to your site, thus decreasing traffic.

4. Solicit Comments. End your blog posts with a question. Invite readers to tell a story about a personal experience. Hold contests and giveaways on your blog that require users to use the comment form. Get your readers talking, engage with them, and watch them return repeatedly.

5. Banter. Be interesting! Witty, funny, sensible blog posts are key to gaining readership and to keeping existing readers interested.

6. Be Solid. Have a solid opinion about issues concerning your field of business and stick to it. Not only do readers respect consistency, but hearing you state your opinions firmly establishes you as an expert in your industry.

7. Always Answer Email. If a reader takes time to email you respond! Answering a small question or responding to a complaint may seem like a trivial task, but the more you respond to the needs of your readership, the more you build your reputation as a trusted member of your field of expertise.

8. Link to Posts in Posts. When a topic that youve posted about previously comes up in a post youre writing presently, be sure to link back to the previous post. Allowing readers easy access to past posts encourages them to cycle back through previously unvisited parts of your blog, causing them to learn more about you and your company.

9. Dont Over-Spam for SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of placing specific keywords within blog content, in hopes of causing your blog to show up more frequently in search engine results. While SEO has its time and place, be careful not to list too many keywords or appear spam-like in your writing. Allow SEO to flow naturally within your posts, otherwise you risk annoying and eventually losing readers.


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