How To Start A Blog – Lesson 5

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Creative Ways to Increase Traffic

1. Offline Marketing.

List the web address of your blog on printed business materials such as brochures, business cards and flyers. Also consider posting advertisements for your business blog in places such as coffee shop community boards or grocery store bulletin boards, especially if your business is most focused on serving your local area.

2. Discussion Forums.

Browse the web for discussion forums pertaining to your field of expertise. Participate in forum discussions, being sure to reference a link to your blog within your post. Similarly, consider answer-based websites like Yahoo! Answers as a way to promote your blog. These types of sites allow you to answer questions asked by other users who are seeking information about your field. In addition to helping someone answer a question they have, youll have the opportunity to promote your blog by listing the URL within your answer.

3. Comment on Blogs.

Similar to the above tip be sure to leave your blog URL whenever you comment on a post on another blog. The more you put the web address of your blog out there, the more chance readers will click on your URL and head your way!

4. Sponsor and Support a Cause.

Seek out local events and causes in your local area and offer sponsorship or support on behalf of your blog. Those who volunteer or support a cause financially often receive public mention for their efforts, bringing more attention to your business blog.

5. Instagram.

If your business has an Instagram account, be sure to post a photo from each blog post as an Instagram image, including a link to the post in the photo description. For example, if a photo of a catering event your business just handled is included in a blog post, post the same photo as an Instagram with a caption that reads, Our team catered an event for 500 local community leaders this weekend, and include a direct link to the blog post.

6. Vine.

Consider Vine, a fairly new addition to the social media landscape, as a way of promoting your blog. Vine allows users to create and post short video clips in an innovative, quirky fashion that gets lots of attention. Put together a short clip promoting your blog post, and include a link to the post in the same way described above.

7. Pinterest.

Another extremely popular social media site, Pinterest allows the sharing of ideas through boards and images. Consider starting an account solely for your blog, then create a pinned link to each post that you publish.

The possibilities for promoting your blog and increasing blog traffic are truly endless. If you can imagine it do it! The vast landscape of internet message boards, social media platforms and other online presences truly open up more doors than one can count when it comes to methods for producing blog traffic.

Once youve established a readership base through well-written, wellplanned content and have begun to increase traffic to your blog with the promotional tips covered in this chapter, youll be ready to run analytics reports on your blog! As youll learn in the next chapter, analytics reports are a powerful tool that help you learn a great deal about your blog, your readers and your presence on the internet!

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