Oonirisa and his Romance with Prophetess by Stephen Akintayo.

Oonirisa and his Romance with Prophetess by Stephen Akintayo.


The new Ooni of Ife’s queen
Marriage rites of the new Ooni of Ife’s queen

Shallow minds are quick to criticize but intelligent minds try to analyze.

Many of us may not know this about me, My First language was not Yoruba nor Hausa where I was born but Arabic. My first school was an Arabic school in Maiduguri and learning Arabic was Compulsory, I later attended a baptize primary school in the same Maiduguri. Also many may not know that My Biological father is Most Senior Apostle Prophet Akintayo JP. I remember how important it is to him till this day to call all his titles when referring to him. I gave my life to Christ in My secondary school to my first ever mentor Mr. and Mrs. Mosugu who were my proprietor but I had to return home to a white garment church where my speaking in tongues was mocked by my dad and I mostly put on white garment every Sunday. I sometimes want to rebel but he will insist that as long as you are in my house you must attend my church and do what I say.

Most of my childhood was about rituals and slaughtering things. We call it; Eto or Eto baba😀. After I became born again Christian I was afflicted with the Ingrown toe. My two toes have been operated on more than 15 times and the nail removes and skin cut off. During this affliction, my faith was to pray, fast and apply anointing oil but my dad had to intervene with; ” You Guest Right😀 Eto”. Which include but not limited to bathing in river Jebba in Kwara State. Visiting mountain for 3 or 7days fasting and praying with a candle and holy water etc.

I said all the above to explain to you that I know what QUEEN MORONKE NAOMI SHILEKUNO is going through. I was an “SU”( Scripture Union) who will castigate people for wearing earrings and trousers but yet had to do Eto. People love to criticize what they don’t understand. Every environment has its own protocol or you can call it culture and it must be respected or you lose your head. Each time, I try to fight my Dad that I believe the blood of Jesus has done it all for Me. He has just one answer; did you raise yourself to this age? We knew things we did to protect you from the evils of this world. When you have your own home run it as you please but while here, you follow my rules.

The bible says; we are in this world but not of this world. When Jesus was on earth he never started Christianity. Jesus was never a Christian. CHRISTIANITY came after he went to heaven. You cannot change this world from outside In but from Inside Out. My experience with my dad taught Me is; Be Obedience to the authorities God place Over You, same God I want to please placed over Me. However, I must not lose my core values while doing that. God has had to teach me this since I was born that everyone will not believe in what you believe and you can connect with them and not contaminate your values. How can you even change what you don’t understand?

QUEEN MORONKE NAOMI SHILEKUNO is the new pride of one of the most powerful Kings in this world. She is the New Esther and just like in the case of Ooni, he has tried someone else before who had it all but didn’t have the character required to maintain her position and influence it from inside out and he finally found such person in the Church and it is same church people criticizing the process. Read below statement by Ooni; ” I waited patiently upon the Almighty the King of kings, he eventually did it in the midst of many trials.

Shilekunola, Moronke, Naomi; the greatest Arsenal you can apply on this highly revered throne with many rules and regulations in the midst of undiluted tradition, heritage and culture is the “Fear Of God In You”, which is the beginning of your wisdom on this throne of Oduduwa.

You are welcome home my beautiful and adorable queen”.

Those who are deep enough will understand the above. To change this world, you have to be inside this world. The people God will use for you most in this world will not be from your faith. Leant to respect people’s beliefs while trying to influence them with your own. Paul visited a city once to preach the gospel and he saw that this city had all manner of gods. They ask him for his own God, explaining that here, we are not religious racist😀, we serve all gods, the City leaders explained to Apostle Paul. Paul the apostle then Notice one of their images known as;” The Unknown God”. Paul said; This is the God I have come to explain to you. Christianity is practical. It is not a religion. It is not fake. Christianity is not seclusion. It is not being a light bulb in a room full of light but being a light bulb in a room full of darkness. In the darkest part of the world, Shine your light. What I stand for is making the word flesh. The letter killeth. Until it becomes flesh Christianity is a burden and a mediocre life.

When My mum died the only person who stood in for her was a friend she met at her workplace a year before she died. This woman is Alhaja Coka. She handles our Weddings. I remember at my wedding she played the role of mother and as a Muslim, she recites the Quran while praying for me and my wife. When we had our children, she will leave everything and come to stay with my wife for days to bath the new baby. No one else had the time but this woman. Let us wake up guys! If you will influence anything, it is inside out. Pastor Tunde Bakare said his Muslim mother was never preached to by him. In fact, whenever she came to visit him, he will remind her of time for her Muslim prayers but kept praying to God to win her to his own faith. One day, she came to him that she wants to give her life to Christ. And he led her! If only we understand that word; Influence”. If only we do! A lady influenced me 2days ago at Silicon Valley to change the way I looked at homosexual. A night before I got to my hotel at Four Points and the lady there was African America and said I cannot stay within the hotel premises until the room I am to stay in is available for me to stay. She claimed that I arrived early and all rooms are booked. She sent me out of the hotel cold night about 2:30am. How wicked? I took it up with Marriott and they compensated me heavily for her foolish act but this lady is African American and a Christian. The next day, I took UBER from Google Campus in Silicon Valley and here was one of the most wonderful soul I have ever met. She was nice and kind. We spoke about our marriage and our spouse. Only for me to mention where is “He” and wahala burst mentally for me when she said “She”. She was too kind for the environment to change and she made an impression on me that I had to ask her; why are Same-Sex Couple Very Nice? Because she wasn’t the first person and I am not the only one who has had this experience. And she said; many of us have gone through so much that we had to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We had to commit to not treating people the way we have been treated. The Holy Spirit said to Me; That use to be what Christian’s where known for before. Best human. Caring, Never Judging and always loving. When a brother is backsliding, you go in love and bring him back home. But times have changed and I don’t understand this new Christianity. We cannot wait to shame people and call them fake.
I close with this;
Olori Shilekunola, Moronke, Naomi is in that palace for a reason known only by God and I believe same God will change that palace forever. That his power will shine over that palace and salvation will visit his Royal Majesty.
I am not going to judge her, I Am never qualify for that job in my life. The will of God will come to pass. Everyone in My family is now a Born Again Christian. My dad is not Pentecostal but he is born again. I was the first and Influence everyone else. God changed My life for a reason and made me go through that experience for a reason. And My family was influenced and not forced to believe more in the redemptive power of Jesus. Today, I am the most excited person when I am invited to Celestial Church of C &S to preach. We now have born-again Christians in those churches today. If you want to change anything in this world, it has to be an inside JOB. True Transformation is an Inside Job. God bless you all and thank you for reading this long epistle 😀

Yours truly, @stephenakintayo

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