Have you heard this advice before:Follow your passions!Do what you love!?

And have you thought, what if mypassions are my hobbies? Things that Icouldnever bepaid for?

For some, the advice to do what you love seems possible only if you have a passion for things like finance or accounting or coding.Well, Ive been happy to find that its possible to follow your passions into a career, no matter what those passions may be. With social media,you now have a platform to dowhat you loveand to make a career out of it.

I found 15amazing entrepreneurs who built their entire businesses and careers around social media, many earning $100,000or more.

Id love to share their stories with youand how you can follow their lead to turn your passions into a career, through social media.

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How to Earn an Income Doing What You Love on Social Media

It sounds far-fetched, doesnt it?

Postingphotographs or tweets a few times each day to launch a lucrative career doing what you love.

And you might be wonderinghowthese social media entrepreneursmake money. Because after all, a career requires an income.

Ill like to share with you some specific stories of 15 entrepreneurs below. First, I thought Id share the many number of waysthe specific avenues and channelsthat theyuse to make money on social media.

How to earn an income on social media

1. Sponsorships

Sponsorships are responsible for a lot of the money earned through social media, especially for those just starting off. Brittany Furlan, Caitlin Turner and Shaun McBride all started with sponsorships.

Sponsorships occurwhen brands pay to be associated with you. When a tourism board pays Instagrammer Lauren Bath to work with them and feature their location, they are sponsoring Lauren.

Podcasts are usually funded through sponsorships as well. The sponsor will pay to be featured on the podcast at some point during the episode.

2. Advertisements

Advertisements are another popular method of monetizing social media. YouTubers like Liz Meghan use ads to make a living through their social media accounts.

Advertisements differ from sponsorships in that theresusually nota long term relationship with the entrepreneur.

3. Selling products

If you have a product based business like an eCommerce store, this is perfect for you.

Social media can be a great place to sell your products or, at the least, build up a following and redirect those followers to your website to buy your products.

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to work with brands to help them sell their products, earning you a commission each time somebody buys through youraffiliate link.

Many social media channels allow affiliate links to be placed within a post, and when the follower clicks on the link and makes a purchase through it, the postergets a portion of that sale.

5. Promoting services

If a service-based business is more up your alley, you dont want to look past social media as a marketing channel.

From hair stylists who post their work on Instagram to coaches who use Facebook as a platform to engage with potential clients, there is a lot of opportunity on social media to promote your services.

6. Boosting your visibility as an artist

If youre an artist, writer, or creative entrepreneur, social media can be an amazing tool to boost your visibility.

Artists like Us the Duo, Grace Ciao, and writer Jeff Goins all have used their social media channels as methods of boosting their visibility to book gigs and sell their art.

Why Social Media Works

Creating social media content every day. Scheduling it at the right times. Analyzing what followers respond to and what they ignore. The time it takes to manage a social media marketing strategy can be significant.

Here are two reasons why the time is well worth it, especially for those looking to build a new career.

1. Social Media Expands Your Reach by 1,000x

How many people visit your website each day?

200? 1,000?

Those arent bad numbers. And it may make sense foryou to spend time on your own website rather than social media because your website is like your online home.

But think about it:

  • Instagram has 100 million active users
  • Twitter has over 135 million active users
  • Youtube sees over 1 billion active users each month

Even if only 0.1% of the people on those channels are interested in what youre doing, youve still amplified your reach by over 1,000 timesby using social media to spread your message and share your passion.

2. Social Media Establishes Your Expertise

The lifeblood of social media is content.

Even if youre posting a 6-second video on Vine or a photo on Instagram, youre posting content.

When youre consistently posting content about a specific topic, you establish yourself as an expert.

Take, for example, two mathematicians who love numbers. Who establishes herself as an expert?

  • Mathematician A, who loves her work but avoids social media, or
  • Mathematician B, who teaches others how to do math on Youtube and has 200,000 followers?

Theyre both experts, but Mathematician B has established herself as an expert. She has built an audience, and provides value to others by demonstrating her knowledge on social media.

You can master your social media and as well use it build your career doing what you love.

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