Why I Am Not Contesting. Stephen AKintayo

Why I Am Not Contesting 2019 Race

No Group Race in Life, Each One Must Run a Personal race to Win.

You wife cannot heart for you despite her love for you. She cannot go to the toilet for you. You have to do these things yourself. Many things we are waiting for other people to do, you can do yourself. God only can One man and give One Man a Vision for many to the executive but it is still that one man that will give an account of the overall vision. One Man! Are you that one Man? Are you trying to run a personal race with a group of people? One of My friends often says; whenever I am leading a team; once I share the vision with them. They have to catch me if they can because I am gone! If you are interested follow me. Great leaders don’t wait for people. They fire on with their life mission.

2019 has become like a group race to me for many youths to run and many are not ready! It is capacity you build first before aspiring for a title. Quote Me anywhere; 2019 Election will be about experience and not age. The electorate will vote base on your personal track record in your business and career and not base on your age. It hurt me that Nigerian youth are about to make the same mistake of the past. The major challenge of our political life is not the sincerity of the political class. You can be sincerely wrong. Many have been made to believe the political class doesnt care; that’s because you are yet to have a one on one encounter with them. The old generation you claim fails. Many took physical bullets for Nigeria. Many lost their marriage for Nigeria. What was then missing?

Capacity to deliver a new Nigeria. Capacity! If you cannot grow a business from 1000naira to Billions in 10years, don’t tell me you want to lead Nigeria. If you cannot build your career to an enviable stage of tangible progress made by the company you work for because of your input. Don’t talk to me about politics! If you cannot run your family well that every member conforms to your values and live by them, don’t go into politics.

There are two capacities you need to build before personally deciding to go to politics:

1. Political Exposure and Management Capacity.
2. Capacity to generate Personal Wealth

Political Exposure and Management Capacity is divided into two; Exposure into the current political system of Nigeria and how it works. If you don’t have the capacity to understand how this country political system works, you will mess everything up. This can be gain by being born into a political family like Bukola Saraki or Stephen Akintayo who grew up in a grassroots political family. My father was secretary of SDP in Maiduguri who won the 1992 election of MKO Abiola and Babagana Kingigbe. Our house uses to be where they use to come and share money. If Abiola had been allowed to rule, I probably would have been the son of a minister or governor today. But all that period gave me some insight into how politics work in Nigeria and till today my father remains a strong APC grassroot leader in Ogun State. Guys don’t bring Oyinbo method to Nigeria politics and think you will win. You are on your own😀

Secondly, you need grassroot mobilization management capacity. Nigerian election is not on Facebook, it’s on the street by NURTW, Area Boys, Market women etc. If those people say yes, forget it! You will carry the day. Grammar will not win the election in Nigeria. That is why WAEC Certificate holder is President and Professor is wise. The professor doesnt know how to manage and mobilize the area boys. By chance he gets Vice President slot or Minister that’s the highest Oyinbo will take you in Nigeria.

2. Capacity to Generate Personal Finance. MKO won the June 12 election not just because of his vision and the fact that Nigerians where tired of dictatorship but his own personal finance. It takes money to do politics. The United state election is the most monetized. The only thing is that they don’t do vote buying but a lot of money goes into US elections. One Person in the Democrat allegedly releases over 1Million dollars against Justice Cavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court. A Republican was said to have invested almost 1Billion dollars to lobby against gay rights in his state. The difference with US politics is that the candidate is not responsible for doing the spending but different interest groups. Nigeria saw the same thing in the election of President Buhari who didnt have personal wealth but won. But the bottom line of the matter is that money must be involved and a lot of it to Win an election.

Now to the core subject! Very few youth contesting are ripe for it. Number one on the list is Omoyele Sowore because of his activism experience on campus; he had build capacity for some level of grassroot politics and has successfully built his business in Online journalism. We need more youth like that. Next for me is Fela Durotoye who is likely to be the person I will vote for inconsequential of him standing a chance of winning or not who has built a great consulting firm and help his wife to build a great beauty business? The weakness of Fela Durotoye, however, is that he is new to Nigerian politics and the grassroot part is missing. The good news is that he has started the journey and the political system is being built by this people. As long as they don’t give up, they will emerge the new political force in Nigeria soon. It took Omisore over 15years to build PDP structure that he moved some part to SDP and become the second runner-up in the Osun election. Politics is about the grassroot structure and that is what PDP and APC have that other contenders don’t have.

The question is: why is Stephen Akintayo Not contesting?

1. I have spent the last 4 Yearly training people across the length and breadth of Nigeria on how to become financially FREE. I was to spend the next 4 year to do that more internationally. I was humbled by the couple that visited me in Dubai to share how the husband listen to me when I visited their church two years ago in Dubai and he bought my video and invested 1000usd into cryptocurrency and grew it to 150,000usd in less than 1year. I want to raise more people like that in the next 4years. As myself and these people will bankroll a new political system that will shake Nigeria. The task for anyone who wants to take power from all these denies gods is to build a strong war chest. APC defeated PDP in 2015 because money was on the table. Even in the primary election. The candidate that won was allegedly said to have his agents distributing 5000usd per delegate. You need money to win elections anywhere in the world and I am using another 5years to raise my Generals.

2. I need to structure my business to run without my input. This is MY biggest project now. I have stopped attending to customers on my walls and insist people direct complaints to the company office or social media page. The next 4years will see me being less involved in the day to day running. I will still be the face for the next 2years before I disappear from being associated with the company in any way so as to get ready for full politicking.

3. I don’t have a vehicle to run. The only party I have enough connections in the party I criticize the most which are APC. 90% of my friends in politics are APC. My Dad is a strong APC and buharist. Bottom-line, if I am to go into politics today, the only party that my chances are bright is APC and I cannot do that. My reason is simple; A team of sheep lead by a lion will defeat a team of lion lead by a sheep. Buhari is a failed leader and I cannot support such a person even in my sleep. Hence in 2019, I will vote for the candidates of my choice without joining any political party. After 2019, I will join a party or start one. What I will do before the 2019 election is to start a political Movement. It’s called “Making Nigeria Work Again”.

There was a time Nigeria use to work. Naira was stronger than the dollar. Our Prime Minister Tafa Balewa had a presidential welcome to the US as if he was the Queen of England. There was a time corruption was a taboo in Nigeria. When you are even accused of stealing, you father will stripe you naked in public and flog you just because you were accused, the case is not even confirmed true or false. We can get back to those glorious days of oneness. No one cared about Igbo or Yoruba or Hausa. In fact, the first president of Nigeria was Igbo because merit was used and not population or land mass. We must get back to those days. To make Nigeria work again will take a lot of people being orientated and will cost a lot of money hence it is not something you rush to do but something you take time to prepare for.

It’s a personal responsibility I have taken 4 years ago and will continue for the next 4years. If you feel by any chance you have a personal responsibility in this vision, Join US! And do so NOW because there is no time.

I hope everyone now understands why I am not contesting any election in 2019 and my political strategy.

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